Staring At The Moon

Found myself doing something I have been doing a lot during the last few years of my life. Was staring at the moon as I sipped on some late evening tea. Was a moment of pure beauty.

I am back in the driver's seat once again. Was feeling a bit forlorn but chose to return as there was something more to say. The handful of readers and listeners have now turned into dozens. It was meant to be perhaps.

Reaching out to the masses with shooting messages from my soul. I ain't speaking in the dark this time round. Perhaps that's why the intensity isn't being felt as yet by you and I am sitting here feeling a bit confused and lost as I wait for the path to clear up.

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Gomathi Gomathi
No Sir, we do feel the intensity of the Osovo posts no matter it has been sent during moon hours. All words of your soul do nourishes our soul too. Please keep doing the good service, we may be little late in replying the posts, but sure, we will not skip.

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