Still Fighting For Justice

More than 3 years have gone by since a college girl was mercilessly gang raped by a group of men on a chilly Winter's evening in Delhi. She was walking the lonely roads of Delhi along with her male friend between 7.30 and 8pm on that last "free" day of her life. Both of them were trying to hitch a ride back home when a bus stopped and offered them a free ride.

They made the mistake of boarding that bus like most others would. She was then repeatedly raped, beaten and tortured by those men who gave them a free bus ride. Both of them were dumped on the roads without their clothes on. The rest of the story has been on the news so won't repeat it here. Sadly, till today, the family of the girl still fights for justice.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir its not this girl many fight for justice in our country for years together even after the culprit is known and proven guilty.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, honestly very hurt to read it again. Justice is that much put under foot.....nothing can set right all these evils except for strict laws and heavy punishments. Shame on the Court of Justice. I can add nothing more than this rude statement. Please excuse.

Savio Savio
Gomathi, I still have tears falling down from my eyes whenever I recollect this news so there is no need to excuse yourself. We must always spread awareness about such great injustices in our system so that perhaps one fine day the justice is finally delivered. It hurts to know that our female population is always unsafe and at risk of such brutal and shameful crimes every single day.

Gomathi Gomathi
Ok Sir, will be a part in spreading awareness against these injustices.

Lucy Lucy
In our country there is no proper rules and punishment because of that this kind of cruelty is increasing.

Dolphi Dolphi
The story is still vivid in my memory. A valuable life was lost to the street scum. Only recently a noted fashionista was brutally murdered in her Goa apartment by a former securityman of the society. This young boy, even if is given the death sentence, that would not compensate the life of the talented lady.

Mamta Mamta
I remember reading about this unfortunate incident and shuddering.It's really sad and heart wrenching to hear about such ruthless acts which are a direct attack on humanity.

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