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I love Thailand. I speak about my second home a few times on Osovo. Because I believe that you should experience the love that I feel whenever I go there.

As a long staying tourist, I have witnessed both sides of the coin. I love the country and intensely proud of the great King and Queen. They have a strong, vibrant culture that's deep rooted in traditions and customs followed over hundreds of generations.

It's a beautiful vacation destination. I'm sure Millions know how wonderful it is there. After all, many have visited this country more than any other in their lives. That's what my friends and family keep telling me. Thailand is the place to be just like Osovo is the place to be!

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Harpreet Harpreet
After hearing about Thailand on Osovo as well as from my friends who have visited that place, this is one place i want to see at the earliest. The best thing is i already have a vacation package and it is just a matter of booking the flights and hotels. Who knows our next vacation is in Thailand?

Sheila Sheila
Sir, many times in your messages you have beautifully mentioned about this place Thailand among all the nations in this world.
So, my mind says that this must be the one where I have to visit atleast once in my lifetime. I hope my God will provide me and grant this wish in my future to see such a lovely place in person and thank for His wonderful creations. Now, presently for the moment, I shall look out the pictures of it's serinity through the web. Thanks Savio Sir, for sharing such wonderful details to us.

Lucy Lucy
Thank you Savio sir, such loving expression about Thailand. After reading this post I feel great desire at least once to reach in this country.

Vinay Vinay
Actually we were planning to make a trip during holidays in September. Thailand, I think, can be one of the options.

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