The Biggest Flush


The biggest flush in our system is water. When we drink water, most of it is used to flush the toxins out of our body, which keeps us from falling sick at most times. As we can easily catch a virus or illness when we aren't having enough water.

Millions die of dehydration each year. It's a really sad story. Our planet is covered by over 70% water yet we are dying because of the lack of clean water to drink.

We must drink lots of water everyday. Water cleans the dirt, bacteria and toxins inside our bodies. It flushes them out through sweat and urine.

Water is fully capable of preventing kidney stones and urinary infections. Cold sores and the common cold can also be healed if we have enough water to drink. Water is a natural and powerful infection fighter inside the human body. So please drink more water. And clean, boiled water to be a bit more precise.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Very true Sir, the greatest flush of our body toxins is the water. Having water in a one liter jar/bottle will let us know how much water we are drinking for the day. Like this we can be more aware of our daily water intake.

Kalpana Kalpana
We also suffer from cramps due to dehydration more in summer if intake of water is less.Even I used to drink very less water and always had cramps after long hours of standing in classes.I started drinking more water after homeo doctor advised me in Bangalore to drink more water as it removes toxins in body and we don't need any cream to remove acne .Consumption of water in Bangalore was less as it was cool most of year

Harpreet Harpreet
This post is motivating us to start drinking enough water keeping in mind our body weight and to see the difference ourselves.

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