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The Cold Breeze


The cold breeze blows through my window, I'm not the only one with a bedroom with sea breeze coming through all the time, feels good to know that many listeners have something similar. Off for a short stint of meditation before I call it a day.

I believe that a few pebbles were thrown into the water here. Ripples were created, perhaps not large ones, but just about enough to keep you thinking for a few moments about what just happened on this particular post.

Rest assured that there is enough to chew on but it might require the eyes of a Tiger to find the many little Tigers hidden inside these lines. See you on another day....have a nice sleep!

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Gomathi Gomathi
Osovo keeps me here Sir. My sleep waits for sometimes because it knows my heart have great passion for Open heart suggestions. Positivity always an energy drink that keep us fresh for a prolonged time.

Dolphi Dolphi
Today is one of the finest mornings. It is still dark outside and dark clouds loom over the skies. Cool breeze blows in through my hall windows and I find life is full of simple enjoyments.

Harpreet Harpreet
Osovo is addictive because so much is being offered. Right now as i read this post i am thinking about the ripple effect. The effect of Osovo on hundreds, thousands of people who will coming to Osovo.

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