The Natural World

The natural world that freely exists all around us is such a blessing. The trees, the flowers, the birds, the children playing downstairs, and life itself. Too bad that most of us don't take time off to admire and appreciate the genuine and natural beauty of our surrounding environment.

So busy we are in tackling the pressing problems in the office, deeply engrossed in checking our email, staring blankly at our smartphones, brooding about what happened yesterday, and in doing so we are allowing the moments happening right now to pass us by without even a small break to briefly look around.

Youngsters stare at their cell phone screens for hours on end, adults spend their days in front of the TV, kids challenge their idle minds with PC games, housewives chat over their phones almost all the time, and everyone else just seems to be caught up in taking the next few hasty steps in their self-created "rat" races.

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Sheila Sheila
Self created Rat races... True Sir.. It is just like a rat race, whatever you said about different categories of people is exactly what is happening now.
There is no change in any of the people's behaviour inspite of telling them to keep away their gadgets and to come out for a while and enjoy the natural breeze. Admire the nature and walk in peace holding hands. Take your loved ones to park and be merry sometime..
Even lovers, don't spend time together, instead they are also engrossed in the gadgets. We hardly see anyone outside in the park on in the garden..

Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sir. The Natural world, this very word brings goose bumps in one, because Nature is such a wonderful phenomenon, being with it, is a heavenly experience. Just make a try to just admire the nature around you, it may be small home plant too.....the green/colourful flowers will definitely steal your heart. Can you create one such beauty by yourself???? Certainly not........so just admire the God's beautiful natural world. Sure you will be healed good both internally & externally. Have a try. Thank you.

Harpreet Harpreet
True Sir. There is so much of natural beauty around us and unfortunate are those who are not able to utilize this blessing. We are lucky that we are associated with Osovo where there is constant reminder to admire and appreciate the mother nature. Also posts on powerful forces of nature further make us enjoy the nature to fullest to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Vinay Vinay
People (including me, for that matter!) pretend as if they don't have time for anything. But actually speaking the same people who talk about lack of time are the ones who spend hours with their mobile phones and sit in front of the TV or computers.
People have forgotten to prioritise.

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