The Next Thing On The Agenda

What I have learned over the last 3 decades of my life is that I don't need to be forced by anyone or anything to do my daily work because I am always looking forward to it. And the reason that I look forward to work is because I love the work that I do.

It's like my hobby so I don't lose interest and never get bored of working. However, there are certainly times when I just feel like taking a day off or not doing any work at all.

On such days, I still sit on my work chair, start doing something small, then magically after a few minutes, I feel a lot better and can keep on working.

It's like I pump myself up and motivate myself to start working. I start with a small activity then once that's done I move onto the next thing on the agenda.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for the suggestion of moving forward from the state of nothing. Just a small step forward will earn our interest to do our work more. Noted down Sir, thank you.

Vinay Vinay
Very rightly said, sir.
It again points to what you have told before - Love what you do, and do only what you love.
When we have that urge to continue, nothing can stop us.
The same way as we keeping reading Osovo posts. Very difficult to come out of that!

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