The Pause Principle

The "Pause Principle" states..

"Take little pauses while you engage in any activity during the day".

Highly effective individuals are always those that follow the principle of focused work and plenty of breaks taken between those stints of labor. It becomes much easier to complete a task when you know that all you need to do is spend just a few minutes at a time on completing that task.

For example, a professional tennis match isn't played non-stop from start to end, rather it is played in a series of 2 games at a time with a pause (or break) between them. This way, the tennis players as well as the match referee, ball boys (and ball girls), others involved in the game at the court, as well as everyone else watching at home can take a break for a few minutes as well.

Had the tennis match been played non-stop over a span of an hour then the players would be exhausted a lot. The scope of injuries and breakdowns would increase, human beings are not designed to work non-stop like crazy animals.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir am used to pause principle ,i switch over to different works along with taking pause .Thank you for reminding us again the importance of it ,to be more effective.

Harpreet Harpreet
Thank you Sir for introducing us to the pause principle. Since the time i have started following the principle of focused work and plenty of breaks in between, i have realized i have become more productive and effective.

Sheila Sheila
Perfectly said Sir. When we give short breaks to any activity, which we do, we really get relaxed and refreshed to start it again. Especially, when it comes to work outs, exertions of the body, physically we become tired. Even, when I had to walk a lot from the railway station last boggie to the main entrance, I feel gasping for breath. Then, I find a place and sit for a few minutes and then start walking with new strength. Same way, when it comes to monotonous work with figures. We see lot of figures and after 2 hours or so, just take a break and see some short videos or colourful ppts then, feel refreshed and start the work again.

Dolphi Dolphi
I have the habit of warming my sofa seat in the hall all day long. The seat has now got noticeably sagged and the cover has developed tears. My wife now demands that I get the sofa set repaired as she is ashamed of the visitors noticing the shabby state. So I have started taking pauses in between and pacing up and down the hall. In fact, I have now realized the multiple benefits of taking frequent breaks.

Gomathi Gomathi
A sentence without a pause is a mere confusion. Likewise, a continuous journey always makes one go exhausted, but taking small periodic intervals of rest will enable to enjoy smooth journey further.

True Sir, we are not designed to be crazy humans, working all time with no pause.

A pause enables us to work better. Let us take good pauses in between our busy schedules.

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