Things Are Going So Well

Sometimes things are going so well in our lives that we forget to realize that there might come a time when things might not go as well & that we need to prepare our plans for those not-so-good times well in advance.

Bad times come all of a sudden. Medical emergencies, sudden deaths of near ones, financial burdens, foreign education expenses, marriage expenses, and so on and so forth. All of these things burden us in our lifetimes.

If we are not prepared for these bad times then we will truly be shattered and broken. We can get really sad, depressed and stressed out when we face bad times that hit us out of the blue.

It is important to keep aside daily quiet time for meditation, relaxation and unwinding so we are more relaxed during the ups and downs of our lives.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir I faced them for last 3 years and now no more as am spending time on meditation and will do even more further to have control in my life without getting shattered and depressed.I had to help all my people who deceived me sir as am taking a path to help them out to come out from their bad deeds as I still love them.

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir, we need to get train our self how to handle the bad time of life? My bro's departure from this world taught me that, "nothing is permanent, so never worry too much, instead surrender to God & keep your mind at peace". My dad's financial crisis taught me a lesson, "never spend beyond your capacity, lead a simple life"........My life at my in laws house teaches me that, "life is always challenging, true success depends on how strong you stand firm with your say"........so every bad part of life leaves a lesson back. Let us learn those good lessons.

Harpreet Harpreet
Life has its own ups and downs. Good and bad things happen in life. We should be able to handle both. It is true that meditation helps us to stay stable during all the times we face in our life. It keeps us grounded and in control of our emotions which is required to handle any thing life throws at us.

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