Things I Sense About You

I sense that there is another side to your personality which helps balance the first side I have mentioned here thus keeping things pretty much balanced at most times. You can be completely detached from some things and fully attached to others. You are an extremist in more ways than one.

You can be a good debater since you can see both sides of the situation or topic much quicker than most other people can. Your ability to stay calm when most other people cannot throws some light on the power of your inner being.

You refuse to let your friends sway you though you sometimes tag along with their decisions simply to keep them happy. Then there are times when you simply take them for granted and care a damn for what they say.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir what you said is exactly true about me ,its like you have put what I have in my mind in this post.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, 'I can be a good debater where I have the vision of seeing both the sides',.....'Many times yes Sir, the ability of being calm',......'Going with friends decision to just make them happy'.....perfect understanding of my Self Sir. Thank you, I am now happy to have a good teacher and a certified palmist to blend my future good. Thank you for all Sir.

Dolphi Dolphi
I am often fascinated by psychic readings. I follow them closely with interest. I become more devoted if the reading is given in an impressive style. Recently in an email a lovely lady named Alisha offered to give me my psychic reading, inside out. Had I listened to her advice, I could have by now become a billionaire. I interacted with her with due respect but did not part with a single 'pie' out of the real cash in my pocket for the promised billions.

Vinay Vinay
I have read somewhere that a person has three behaviour.
1. What others see in him
2. What he thinks he has and
3. What actually he has.

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