Too Many Critics

I have a few critics. They often ask me how I live such an easy comfy life and how do I manage to get by so well. They say "You must be hiding something about your background. You might be a Prince or may have inherited loads of wealth from your rich relatives".

The truth is with the lifestyle I have I can pretty much take care of some of my relatives if I had to. God loves us all unconditionally and it is his wish that we love (at least) those closest to us without imposing conditions and restrictions of any kind.

You can live the life that you want as well. Simply chalk up a little plan about what makes you happy and list the things that you really love to do. Then simply go about doing those things every single day of your life. It's truly that simple!!

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Gomathi Gomathi
That's true Sir, people are crazy to ask always the secret of happy living.......though the secret is open to all. Right Sir, a simple plan to know the heart's desire & to focus on the same every single day will take one to happy living.

Harpreet Harpreet
Right Sir. People are always keen to know the secret of happy living and even if we share it with them that it is simple they are not ready to believe. For how can a simple planning and doing things we like to do can be the mantra for happy living?

Savio Savio
Exactly, Harpreet, people just don't believe this when I share it with them inside a classroom. I've even had a few students mock this theory during a packed classroom on a Sunday Morning. Fortunately, I believed in this powerful mantra and am enjoying the fruits of the applications every moment.

Girish Girish
The principle is so simple, yet so difficult (in our minds) for us to adopt.

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