Truly Happy Right Now

I am truly happy right now. The reason I am happy is because I get to eat some tasty Jam whenever my son Max asks his Momma for a Jam Roti.

What happens is that the bottle full of Jam is left open while his mom makes the Jam Roti. While she watches Max enjoy his snack, I quietly open the bottle and quickly put a spoonful of this wonderful Strawberry Jam into my mouth.

Both of them don't notice my quick act of stealing a spoonful of Jam from the bottle and I get up to return to my bedroom to share a post like this one. He He He!

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Gomathi Gomathi
Ha ha ha.....Sir, you turn into a little child when the little Max is around you.

An humble request to you, please do more posts on childhood nature of your Self Sir, really it brings a good smile within us & we are taken back to ages of children. Thank you for the wonderful strawberry jam.

Harpreet Harpreet
We humans end our childhood too soon. It is nice to see that you are letting the child within you live forever by indulging in such child like adventure of stealing the strawberry Jam.

Sheila Sheila
Being child in heart is a great joy. Even, I will be like that at times, though I am old by my age, my heart will be so very young like a child that I enjoy certain things, which we used to do when we were kids.

Same way is eating the jam, the cream on the milk and I love the milk bikis with milk. It sounds so childish, but still I love to eat them like a child.

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