Trust Your Sixth Sense

Trust your sixth sense. For the wisdom of one who sees through the third eye is something that is far greater than what one would see with both eyes open.

It's sad that we can never see our own faults almost as commonly as a Tiger cannot notice its own stripes or as a Camel never realizes that it has a hump.

This post too shall reach the "dark" corner of your world within a few seconds from now. Perhaps it has already reached there and you have moved on with your life. Maybe the gadgets that fill our homes have led us to isolation and memory loss.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Gadgets have really made us memory loss.Years back when mobiles were not in use ,all contact numbers were in finger tips ,that helped me on the day of my accident i could give my home contact number to people who rescued me and fell unconscious.Truly i hardly remember the incident ,i was told after a week i came into conscious.But last year when we had been to pilgrimage with my brother and daughter ,i missed them.I knew only 2 numbers both were out of reach ,i was not even having a penny and completely new to the place.It showed me how much now we depend on mobiles for contact.

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir. Human beings are being blessed with the sixth sense. The sixth sense asks us to think. With this thinking process of mind, we can make miracles. Always going into thinking process of what?, why?, how?, when?, where?......we open up the path of wisdom.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir, i would like to say that your posts works as a sixth sense for us, show us the mirror and remind us what is important in our life. Your posts are always something to reflect on and this post will also help us to at least sit and ponder on our sixth sense.

Girish Girish
I have realised on thing Sir, that more spiritually inclined we are and the more we get closer to ourselves by way of meditation and reflection; stronger our sixth sense gets.

Celina Celina
Sir, sometimes I feel that we are unable to come to a decision even after seeing all the aspects, at that moment if we just close our eyes and draw our decision with the sixth sense. I feel the sixth sense is our soul guiding us on the right path.

Vinay Vinay
One doesn't realise the faults of himself or herself. The sixth sense helps here a lot.
I always tell my students in the school. When we open both our eyes, we will be able to see. But if you want to see something very clearly and properly and visualise it, you will have to close both your eyes. You will be able to see everything very clearly then.

Rekha Rekha
Sixth sense is that deep vision which helps us to take right decisions. When we are confused about anything in our life, we don't understand what is going in our life , it guides us like our parents guide us.

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