Two Bad Friends

There were dozens of times when I was closing the door on great experiences and new friendships just because of a few people in my past who I spending most of my time with.

My thinking was that I was supposed to be with them nearly every day. I mean, that's what best friends are supposed to be like, right? Wrong.

As I entered my 20s, I quickly started to realize that the 2 people who I considered my best friends weren't my friends but purely using me because of my dynamic personality and ability to make any moment interesting (even the seemingly dull ones).

These two people were manipulative friends who would like spending time with me because I was popular, interesting, fun to be with, and a special person overall. Just like you.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir in most cases its the same nobody becomes your friend or close to you unless they have a purpose.I had experienced it with my husband's friends.They utilized us to the maximum and when my husband needed them they never looked at him and even now he believes them .

Gomathi Gomathi
Better late than never. Sir, you woke up so earlier, & it is your good luck. It always happens for those good entertainers being misused by other friends.

But honestly, we are not doing the same. We are your soul mates, and only trueness prevails.

Sheila Sheila
When we analyse the character of various types of friends, we will come to know about them within few months if we are keen observers. Friends, are of different types. Casual friends, time pass friends, name sake friends, selfish friends, lonely feeling friends, intentional friends, cunning friends, bad friends, good friends, sincere friends, admiring friends, jolly friends, humorous friends, loving friends and so on. It is upto us, with open heart to accept friendship and at the same time be cautious and aware of the type of catergory they belong. We should not blindly jump into conclusion on the friendship. Few friendship may change their characters over a period of time. For example, they might have become friends with you for a cunning motive, but once they mingle with you and see your character, they may change their motive and attitude and can become a good and sincere friend. Only it takes time.

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