Unity Is The Key

Don't divide, unite. It might seem important to segregate ourselves into basic categories just for the sake of recognition but when we go about living our lives by dividing each other based on the community, faith, race, gender, creed, etc. that we belong to then it is shameful, pitiful and completely wrong.

Count the number of people that live in the world but don't group them into thousands and Millions of categories because doing so causes biases that rule and control the way we live our lives.

We have conveniently branded ourselves into rich, middle and poor classes of society. Further, we have divided each of these classes into upper rich, rich, new rich, etc. Time to stop the madness. Time for the entire human race to come together as one.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir, "United we stand, Divided we fall". It has been followed from ancient times to divide people in different names of castes, color, religions, economic status,country.......& all.

The sixth sense of humans should think, "no animals or birds.....& other species are being categorized like humans". They are being generally differentiated as to the food they eat......into Herbivores, Carnivores & Omnivores.

Better late then never. Let us break this chain of differences among us. Let us have the only difference between us.....biologically......Female & male.

Sheila Sheila
Yes Sir. We have read in many moral stories too that unity pays good reward. Same way in our daily lives we have experienced that Team work works...

When the ego in humans is gone, then, it will bring about total harmony and people will unite and come out with greater results..

We pray that soon all people will realise the benefits of Unity and oneness and come out of their shells and be together to have One Group in all with oneness of mind.

Vinay Vinay
Very rightly said sir. The question is who is going to bell the cat?
In each and every place we can see the division of human beings being done, may be it is based on religion, caste, language, financial background, colour etc. Even though so many ways we are grouped, the reservation everywhere is only based on the caste! How sad!

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