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Food technologists praise fruits with a high water content. Not many of you know that over 80% of an apple consists of water. But why do we bother eating those fruits when we can very well drink a glass of plain water in all its purity.

Cucumbers have 95% water, water melons have more or less the same amount of water in them. I am certain that a bit more research on this fascinating topic will reveal a list of fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Water is great for our body and overall health. Without clean water to drink we will die within 7 days. I love water. It's my favorite drink. Second comes tea. Coconut water is another favorite drink of mine.

It's vital that we drink enough water and consume the fruits and veggies with high water content as it keeps us hydrated all day long.

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Gomathi Gomathi
A well hydrated body is so elegant by it's texture of the skin. Water is essential nutrient of the body, for without it, body goes sick & pale. Drink as much clean water as you can.

Harpreet Harpreet
Since our body is about 75 percent water water is our body's most essential daily ingredient. Our body loses 2-3 litres water each day through urination, sweating, elimination etc and we need to replace the fluid it has lost throughout the day. Most of fluids should be replaced by drinking pure water. The rest we can get from fruits and vegetables which has high water content.

Kalpana Kalpana
Water is the second most essential requirement for living after oxygen.Our brain works best when we are well hydrated .

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