We Have Flaws

On close scrutiny, most of us have some flaws, and some of us have many flaws, does it really matter though how many flaws we have or don't have? I think not.

Focus instead on living an enjoyable life. And eternal happiness shall always be yours. When we judge others we are actually wasting a lot of our own time. Time is a priceless commodity which once wasted shall never be yours to use ever again.

Think about it, is spending time judging other people worth it? Of course not. Is it worth judging yourself? Of course not (once again). Instead spend your time on being busy doing things that you love.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sir, don't judge others & don't judge yourself.
Judgement makes the mind busy evaluating & this way we lose inner calmness. No man is perfect. Every one has their own flaws. Just accepting all as they are, will bring joyful living. Let us not judge from this moment, because no two humans have the same destiny.

Green Green
I think flaws make us who we are. They are a part of the journey that has brought us to this particular point in our life. If it is something that needs working one, work on it. But one needs to understand that not everything we perceive to be a flaw, is one.
And I think more than judging others, we pull ourselves down, because we are our own worst critics. We find it difficult to forgive and love ourselves because of our perceived flaws.
Love yourself. Not despite your flaws. But, because of them. They make you unique. They make you, you.

Dolphi Dolphi
No one is perfect. We all have our flaws. Instead of ruminating over our flaws, concentrate on the positive traits. That will cheer you up and redouble your determination to excel in life.

Kalpana Kalpana
Everyone has flaws but how we learn from them is more important.We should learn how to live smartly without causing harm to ourselves and others.In our language we need to know the strategy behind every act of others and learn from others.

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