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One thing that's certain about the human race - we absolutely love Holidays. Whether they are major festivals such as Diwali and Halloween or public holidays for a dead political leader's Birth Anniversary. Holidays of any kind rekindle and revive the human spirit.

It's like all of a sudden every single human being is in a good mood, going out shopping, hanging out a lot more with friends, having fun with loved ones, relaxing more, taking big breaks, and just doing every single thing that makes us happy, truly happy on the inside.

For my little family, holidays are the time to relax with each other all the more while giving each other our personal space to chill out and meditate. It's the time to play board games, munch on snacks, have long chats with each other, and just relax till the day ends.

One thing is certain. There is hardly a single one who wants to be working on a major holiday, not unless they are forced to or they are lonely and prefer doing something to keep themselves busy.

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Sheila Sheila
Perfectly said sir. From young ones to adults really enjoy holidays. Especially in India, we do not have much holidays.
We have only around 10 days in a year when we calculate the major festivals.
In western countries, they have a lot of holidays, especially the Christmas celebrations starts from first week of December and goes on till New year.
Every one will be enjoying those holidays there.

In India, Diwali is a major festival. Almost all people celebrate this with friends and families.
Even, if they are not going out, they have special TV shows, guests coming in and visiting relatives etc. Sometimes, even chill out with own family members some outings or resorts etc.

Dolphi Dolphi
Holidays and festivals, appearing with rhythmic periodicity, serve in reviving and rekindling our flagging spirits. Holidays are most welcome to school children as it is a big relief from drab routine. We can sense their enthusiasm in the air.

Gomathi Gomathi
During young age, holidays were meant a great joy, where we spent more time with parents/siblings/and at our home itself, sometimes somewhere out station with dear ones. Now, holidays though busy with households and others.... being with the loved ones, cooking delicious food, visiting dears and nears homes, sometimes just having long chats brings inner joy more. Holidays are always more relaxing.

Wind Wind
I Love Holidays and everyone love holidays.The word holidays gives a relaxing feeling and in holidays one can enjoy with family members and can sort out his or her pending personal tasks which he/she can not complete while on regular duty.Those who are doing regular jobs when they get holiday they feel so much relax and some time feel so lazy on the next day when they have to attend duty again and same thing with students also.Holidays are essential for the better performance of an individual.

Vinay Vinay
Getting a break from the routine work in the form of a holiday is always welcome. That is the time the bond among the family members can be mended (if not cemented). It is fun, and the love increases.

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