What We Watch On TV

Recently released statistics show that the average person spends between 3 to 4 hours watching TV on a daily basis. This is an alarming increase in the number of hours being spent on the idiot box.

The surveys conducted in this area clearly tell us who the real idiot is.

It's not that watching TV is a bad activity by itself. But when someone spends a few hours on this hobby then they definitely are causing stress to themselves.

Not many of my listeners will realize that even watching comedy serials on television is harmful for you.

Yes, what I just said might shock you and you probably think I am pulling a fast one over you but it isn't the case right now.

Once again, it's not that sitting in front of a television set is bad just on its own. It's more to do with what we are watching and how much of it we are watching.

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Dolphi Dolphi
The TV occupies a lot of time in most people's lives. Fortunately, TV occupies only a small corner of my life. I watch it just in passing and never compete to get a hold on the remote.

Harpreet Harpreet
I am glad that my decision of not keeping TV at home is proving to be good in the long run. Instead of watching TV we are indulging in nice and stimulating conversations in the evening, we are reading a lot and spending quality time with each other.

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir. Watching TV has become a good time pass of all age groups. Who else to complain???.....I do complain only the viewers, who encourages such unethical shows/serials on TV.....So the program organizers are so cool relaying only the evils. Fortunately, I am very selective in my tv programs, & spend less than an hour daily.

Kalpana Kalpana
Even I spent time watching tv for 2 hours for 2 months but I can't see if there is more concentration on negative aspects in any program or serial.Now I hardly watch them sir.

Vinay Vinay
An ordinary person definitely will be spending more than 4 hours a day in front of the TV, I am sure. As far as the programmes that he watches may differ.
As sir pointed out, even watching some funny programme for that long is harmful.
How much time is just wasted, when we would have done something creative.

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