Who Just Farted

Once upon a time there was a lavish wedding reception held by a wealthy family whose young daughter was getting married. There were over 1500 guests packed into the wedding hall and it was getting too close for comfort for some of them.

The maximum number of guests were seated around the bride and groom itself. The father of the bride was known to give away a lot of his money to charity. Today was no different.

He wanted this wedding reception to be remembered forever. It was during a speech he was making that he realized that someone was farting somewhere close to where he was standing.

He was standing right next to the married couple and the 100 other guests crowded around them. He went on with his speech but the farting continued. Others in the crowd were now also getting the strong smell but fortunately for the "farter" there was no sounds coming along with the smell making it awfully difficult to find out who had farted.

Getting fed up of these little rounds of farts the father of the newly married girl said that he would give away Rs.50,000 to the person who was farting at that time. He just wanted the person who farted to stop farting.

At first, no one answered. Then he announced another time. This time he raised the amount to Rs.1 Lakh. Suddenly, an old woman from the back raised her hand and said that she was the one farting. The father of the married girl couldn't believe that this old woman could be the one who was farting but the smells were still spreading across the room so he called her and gave her the Rs.1 Lakh.

She left the wedding hall but to the shock and dismay of everyone else the smell of the farts did not leave along with her. It was the beautiful daughter who had just got married that was the one farting away to glory.

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Harpreet Harpreet
A very humorous story and i admire the wit of old lady who made some money in the process.

Kalpana Kalpana
A nice story sir to give a broad happy smile on our face while reading it .

Gomathi Gomathi
Though humorous, I also take the story this way, 'The beautiful daughter of a rich man has got her external beauty but her inner beauty is still not attained'. Therefore, the real beauty is happiness of the self, not the surplus money of oneself.

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