Why So Few Friends

It's surprising how many times my students, clients and friends ask me why I have very few friends on Facebook. They even play the role to perfection by wearing a gloomy and sympathetic face when they look at me and say "So sad to hear that you don't have that many friends online". It's a different thing that in the real world I have double or triple the number of friends and connections than what they have "online".

It amazes me how they "actually" consider themselves popular just because they have something like 333 friends on Facebook or over 200 connections on LinkedIn. What's even more amusing is the deterioration of their communication skills over the last 5 years.

I know most of my friends and colleagues for more than five years and it shocks me to know how difficult it has become for them to carry on a conversation with someone online (or offline). It seems like the so-called popular ones (500 friends or more on Facebook) are the ones who have totally lost their ability to communicate well with other people.

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Kalpana Kalpana
I have friends in touch with me from 97 either my colleagues or classmates,not on Facebook or linkedin. Even my child at times looks at my whats-app to see and says wow maa,you have many friends .They are not my real friends ,they are persons only in my phone.

Gomathi Gomathi
"Why so few friends on online?", good question Sir. I always have priorities. First my family, then comes other relations & friends. I do have my own friends circle, & I see that I do enough justice of being a friend. I don't expand my friends to very wide circle because I cannot maintain it.

Girish Girish
That's why the network is called 'Facebook' not 'FriendsBook'.

Sheila Sheila
To be frank, I never had lot of friends till I joined Facebook. But when I joined facebook, I was added by my children to play the popular Cafe world game. At that time, even unknown people around the world who played this game added me as friends. That is how my list may be very big. But this was a nice place to meet all our relatives, colleagues, friends and well wishers too. So, if I update once, all of them come to know at one shot of my happenings. Same way, I make a point to check people who does good value of postings and sharing good information and like them. It became a media of sharing good thoughts and also to learn many things like science, home remedies, positive thinking quotes and it kept me happy. I felt some moral consolation, when I see the comments and posts from friends, whom I really not seen in person.

Savio Savio
Thanks for sharing a varied and balanced view on the topic, Sheila. Gives all of us something to chew on. And while I am at it I will take a quick break to eat something. Since all this reading and writing is making me hungry.

Harpreet Harpreet
Normally people have this misconception that more the number of friends they have on face book the better. Tragedy of today's life is that people try to friend an unknown person while they don't have time to message or talk with known friend. Most of my friends on face book are those who are my real friends in life. We share so many common interests and passion like one of my friend will send me some link to a blog on mediation or some good book. I refrain from adding any new unknown person just to add the number.

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