Win The Crowd

The biggest marketing secret on the planet is "Win the crowd and you shall win the sale". Winning the crowd is easier when you can show the number of people already supporting your product or service. Testimonials, positive reviews, praises for your product, and everything similar will definitely help you increase your sales figures.

Companies go through great lengths to show their consumers that they are extremely popular in the market already. You will find that on the web the number of fans or followers you or your company have can certainly make a big impact on your ultimate sales figures.

Book writers, restaurants, gadget giants, etc. all depend on positive reviews to break into and sell their products to larger markets. It is not uncommon to find that most reviews on restaurant rating sites are not completely honest about their views on the food served there (or their overall dining out experience).

It is common to find testimonials for self-help books being provided by authors who are published by the same book publisher. How convenient (and smart).

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Gomathi Gomathi
Quality & the best price, will make a product to stand in a market for a long time. However in this competitive world, false praise is put forth, & people blindly go by it. Dishonesty everywhere. All fight for their survival, hence justice is denied. But I believe, "honesty will win the crowd in the long run".

Kalpana Kalpana
Well said Gomathi,justice is denied many times.As you said, hope honesty helps in long run.I was never dishonest to anyone whom i know is doing harm at the back of me .But when they seek help from me i forget the harm they did.Though I was warned on this weakness.I don't consider this as my weakness,its my strength.

Harpreet Harpreet
Honest testimonials help. I remember when i was getting my resume prepared by a well known company, they asked me if there are any testimonials to be put in the resume. When i asked some of my patients to write testimonials, they related the incidents where i helped them, thereby leading to authenticity in my resume.

Wind Wind
It is true that some big marketing companies post the positive reviews to sell their products to people but not all the positive reviews are true.

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