Wise Lines

Few words of wisdom that I'd like to share with you...
- Never skip breakfast.
- Spend hours at the hotel pool or at the beach while on vacation.
- Realize the importance of a smile and use it correctly.
- Master the art of doing nothing.
- Go on regular dates with your spouse even after you are married to them.
- Do not buy lottery tickets. Make your own luck.
- Spend your social time with people of all ages.
- Visit the local park for a stroll often.
- Your career choices should not be strongly influenced by others' views or feelings.
- Value your family more than your friends.
- Realize that when you are in Rome you must do as the Romans do.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you for the wise lines Sir. My family is my priority, at all circumstances, I take decision according to the hierarchy of my priorities, in these, my family stand first.
"Spend your social time with all age groups"..... good idea Sir....fortunately since my younger age I am lucky to have good chat with all age groups...from the new born to the bed ridden are my friends, for I speak the language of love.

Harpreet Harpreet
I try to follow many of the wise lines shared here. I try never to skip my breakfast because i have seen that when i skip it i tend to eat more at lunch time. My husband and i go on a date once in 15 days. I also don't believe in buying lottery tickets.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir thank you for the wise lines ,i will follow them sir.

Dolphi Dolphi
These words of wisdom pour gently like early mornings dew from heaven. I must take time to chew them and to digest them.

I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life. But my wife is an avid fan of them. They are worth crores of rupees of dreams. At the vendor's shop near the railway station the pictures of several winners have been displayed. What an attraction!

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