Work Closer

Working far away from your residence is a definite no no. It takes a long time to get to your work place, lots of money spent traveling through and fro, hundreds of hours wasted each year, thousands of hours in your lifetime, a great wastage of time, money and effort overall.

This is the reason that Millions of people are choosing to work close to their homes. Millions more are working from home itself. I agree that it's not something that every single human being can do but for those that can, should do it.

You will not only save your money, time and efforts in traveling to work but will also be saving our planet one day at a time. You are doing so by using less fuel and reducing air pollution. Both help in making the planet a better place.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Nice sir if we can work from home ,i used to travel a long distance for my classes .Except for 3 years of my teaching career i traveled a long distance for the rest of 15 years by public transport for 12 years.I did online teaching for few years along with offline teaching,online teaching was hectic as it was in odd hours .

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir, working close to our home, not only comforts us but also comforts the society with less pollution by the minimum usage of transportation. All should think on this.

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