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There's no point in thinking too much about the future, nor worthwhile whiling away the moments worrying about whether we shall be friends until tomorrow comes along, trotting away on this audio book isn't that fulfilling certainly, but the frequent messages and musings shall turn you into a wonderful member of a unique clan that's building out here, you find yourself far away from home but still present in your bedroom, lots for you to say to me, just a silly little contact form to send it all in though.

I'm off to make a cup of my favorite drink in the world - my mother's tea recipe. The normal tea leaves you know, black tea with milk added, we call it Chai, normally had hot but I enjoy it warm, drink few cups throughout the day, dozens of yummy sips, I shall see you in 3 seconds I guess, maybe next time I shall convince you to sip a cup of tea while I sip mine, bum chums on Osovo we shall become, hopefully!

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Harpreet Harpreet
Thank you Sir for bringing us back to the present moment by sharing your present moments with us. We are already connected with you through such posts when you share your cup of tea and your thoughts with us.

Kalpana Kalpana
We really feel connected to you sir,you had your favourite tea when you were writing this post in the evening,I am sipping my coffee while replying this post.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, we have learned the art of being in present moment from Osovo. And these two months has changed our life to good. Yes hopefully the full credit goes to Osovo, thank you.

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