You Are A Long Distance Train

A long distance train you are, you wind down hills and go through valleys, you pass through lakes and go through long tunnels, and your entire life should be lived by focusing on one lap of the journey at a time.

Be a train that goes from one station to another as slowly and leisurely as possible. There is no real hurry to arrive. Neither is there a need to rush through like an express train.

Live each day in such a way that your journey is thoroughly enjoyable, pleasurable, satisfying and relaxing. Life should not be lived any other way than this. My train is about to take off to another destination now. See you in a few moments.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir very nice way to explain how we have to live in the journey of life with a long distance train.To lead a better life, we need to trust what comes in our journey and be silent.

Harpreet Harpreet
Wonderful analogy. Long distance train which will reach its destination so it makes sense to enjoy valleys, hills, lakes, tunnels which we come across on this journey well and enjoying each one of them without rushing, without worrying, trusting that the train will reach its destination.

Gomathi Gomathi
Good lines Sir. Life is a journey, we are mere travelers, came to just experience the now moments. Every day is same, when the mind is happy to accept & go with the flow of life. Let not expect life to be in a conditioned way, instead, let life flows at it's rhythm, let we just blend with it's flow. Happy is our voyage.

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