You Are A Smart One

The fact is that you are a smart one, you know that if you hold someone that you love too tightly then the relationship that you both have will suffocate and that person will probably wither away and die.

Human beings are mortal. But messages and other works of art are not. This is a fact. No one would have known about a single God and their Sons had it not been for the immortality of words, pictures, videos and the circle of life itself.

Water cannot be mixed with pure Cow's milk. But it's still done. A revolution is currently underway where a lot of water and milk are being mixed and the current Millennial generation is being served it for Breakfast and Tea.

This post on Osovo might not make much sense to you right now but it will automatically sink into your memory and the light of day will shine on you when it really needs to.

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Sheila Sheila
From my experience, I have learnt that anything in this world is mortal and temporary. Our hearts and minds can love them, but we should have some control on ourself. Only for God, we should have the never ending love. We should love our parents, spouse, children, friends etc. but only God should take the first place. Because, at one time, we will have to loose the rest. That time, our heart will break, if we go beyond the love of God. This comes only by practice.

Gomathi Gomathi
Osovo, indeed a true guide to my inner self. Today, I have been outside for a function, the whole day I was preaching the message of Osovo "to get relaxed & be happy every moment". Wonderful is the feeling. So Osovo is a great treasure for me. Thank you Sir.

Savio Savio
Every "active" contributor on Osovo is as much a messenger of positive change as the creator of the posts. I am certain in due course of time, your contributions will inspire many readers who come this way.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you for the good words Sir.

Girish Girish
True Sir. Nothing is permanent in this world. The more we tie ourselves tight around worldly attachments, the more painful it gets to leave from here. Easier said than practised, I know.

Soosamma Soosamma
When we love anything around , we feel happy. If we lose we get disappointed. Maintain the balance so that we don't experience heart break.

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