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You Figured Me Out


You seem to have figured me out. You can sense that I am pretty courageous and smart. You think that I live a carefree life. I feel that you are a person capable of great generosity and random acts of kindness.

I have gathered that you are especially prone to giving away some money on late nights on a weekday such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I might use your generous ways to my advantage tonight. Who knows?

At the same time, you know (by now) that I am very affectionate, giving and passionate by nature. You know that I work very hard to create these 'highly' insightful musings just for you.

You feel obliged to buy me a cup of late evening tea right now. I see you as someone who is always pleasant, tranquil, obliging and caring by nature. You truly care about others and it often shows.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, I don't know what to write for this.....ha ha ha .....shall I take these words are the smart words to trick my generosity.

Savio Savio
Take it any way you want to but I am deadly serious about you buying me a cup of Late Evening Tea. y the way, only fine Darjeeling or Assam blends will do. Ha Ha Ha.

Gomathi Gomathi
Ha ha ha....no way to escape... will get for sure the most favorite Darjeeling tea....Done.

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