You Might Feel The Same

I remember the first day I entered Osovo, I fell in love with it, a calm place, it made me feel at peace, I found a place among the others here, a place I now call my home. I hope I am never expelled, even if I am, I can never stop being here, the musings, the learning, so grand, so majestic, like a palace on the hill, standing tall among the bushes, a sturdy tree that I'd like to rest in forever.

There are days where I could not come here, a myriad of reasons, made up excuses for some, life turned back a few pages, felt like how miserable I felt a long time ago, this is my home online, my home inside my heart, where I feel touched in a wonderful way, my soul is stirred here, it wakes up, the human in me awakens, I am alive when I am here. You must know how I feel since you might feel the same someday.

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Harpreet Harpreet
I love to come to Osovo because i feel my life is getting touched in so many ways by the wonderful musings, information and knowledge. Osovo has the unique way of connecting to our soul and i come here every day, day after day to get positive vibrations to awaken my soul.

Kalpana Kalpana
What you said is absolutely true Harpeet ,I love to come to Osovo as it gives me pleasure and positive
attitude towards living .

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