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I grew up in a large home in the heart of Mumbai where there were hundreds and thousands of interesting books to read in the large bookshelves placed in a couple of our bedrooms. As a result, I grew up with the love for books.

However, close to a decade ago, I happened to chance upon a rare recording of one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. It was merely a 15-minute speech that he had made in a crowded hall somewhere in Boston but I could feel the impact of every single word that he spoke because it felt like he was speaking directly to me, in my bedroom.

It was then that I fell in love with audiobooks. I learned that there were thousands of similar speeches and audio recordings that the greatest teachers, speakers, political leaders and book authors had made. Slowly and steadily, I started listening to all the possible audiobooks that I could download online. The sad part was that there wasn't enough time to listen to all the audiobooks that I downloaded.

Later, while preparing my own audio books, I started to realize that reading books was a pointless activity. It was much easier, cheaper and better to learn through the internet or via audiobooks. I decided to create my own audiobooks from topics and lectures that I took in my public speaking and personality development classes. I wouldn't be wrong if I said that I was probably the first person in India to create and market audiobooks to people.

I have created over 40 audiobooks till date. Maybe a few more if the lecture recordings can be considered. What I loved about audiobooks was the fact that I could listen to them while I was commuting, on vacation, outside on my own at a coffee shop, and while working at home.

My students loved audiobooks too. It was easier for them to download my audiobooks from the comforts of their own home, without spending much money, and listening to it whenever and wherever they wanted to.

What I love most about self development audiobooks is that it is the authors themselves who narrate the content to us. Of course, there are always a few authors who hire someone else to read out their content on their audiobooks but I find that quite repulsive and pointless.

The purpose of a self development audiobook is to listen to the person whose written it, read it out to us in his or her nature voice. It's a real treat to lay down on my bed, eyes closed, and listening to the voice of one of the world's best selling authors directly narrate their story to me.

I believe that audiobooks will replace a sizeable amount of books in the future. Already book sales have crashed in most countries as videos, movies, eBooks and audio material are quickly replacing them due to various reasons. For me, I prefer audiobooks to books. I hate the fact that I am chopping down a tree every single time that I buy a book. It just hurts. Besides the pain of cutting trees, it hurts that books were always so impersonal.

Why on Earth would we want to read a book when we can listen to the author directly tell us the story in their own voice, anytime, anyplace, and for a cheaper price than the book itself. What's more, we help save the trees and keep our planet green by avoiding the senseless wastage of paper.

The audio book industry is a $4 Billion industry today. That's millions of audio books being sold and downloaded from different corners of the world. That is a lot of audio books, by anybody’s definition. One of the many reasons for this upsurge in the sale of audio books lies in the advantages of being able to download audio books.

Sadly, not too many people in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Thailand know about audio books. They have no clue that such an easy form of receiving entertainment and knowledge exists. I mean, it's as simple as joining an online audio book library or purchasing an audio book from an online retailer such as Amazon and then within seconds you receive the link to download the audio book.

This is truly amazing. The fact that you can enjoy reading the latest books (oops audio books) on the market within minutes of its release is by itself a powerful thin.

My audio books can be easily and quickly downloaded for less than $2 for most audio books that I have released till now. Some might be higher. But usually you can download an audio book from online audio libraries at extremely affordable rates.

You don't even need to go outdoors to buy one. You can get instant gratification by downloading your favorite audio books within minutes of purchasing it. If you don't want to spend any money then you are in luck. You can download over a Million audio books for absolutely free online. What's more you can circulate most of those free audio books among your friends and family without worrying about copyright issues or piracy as all those audio books are free to circulate.

I've been lucky to have my rich siblings and relatives help me in getting a pretty large collection of wonderful audio books over the years. I just love listening to audio books and music during my free time. To be honest, I dislike the idea of buying a paperback book. Can't stand the thought of chopping down a living tree for the sake of reading a book.

- Savio DSilva (Founder of Osovo)

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