How To Make This Life Your Own

How To Make This Life Your Own
The color black is a pretty powerful color just like the number 9 is the most uniquely powerful one in the sequence from 0 to 10. No other color cannot change the hue of black and thus its the only one that truly retains its identity in the global range of colors out there.

It's difficult for us to be ourselves since we too are shown the way by everything that is around us and in absorbing the ways of the world we sometimes lose our own way.

The inability to live one's life in the way you want to is perhaps the biggest issue faced by mankind right now. Peer pressure, the media, the systems prevalent in modern society, and our immediate surroundings tend to shape who we are and what we become.

It's a startling fact to some of you when you hear that adults' and children's faces while they sleep are markedly different from each other when photographed without them being aware.

The children were found to be blissfully calm, peaceful, happy and wore a pleasantly soothing look on their faces when they were asleep.


Whereas, the adults who were recorded while they were sleeping seemed to wear frowns, disturbing looks, and did not appear to be anywhere as blissfully pleasant as the kids were during their sleeping time recordings.

This study is just one of many that I've read about which clearly shows how our moods, characters, personalities, and lives are shaped by the world around us.

The maturity of the child's brain does not allow them to be impacted by their surroundings as adults are thus they manage to retain their true personalities (and identities) for as long as they are still under the age of 10.

Thereafter, hell breaks loose, and their lives are possibly changed (and often ruined) forever. They grow up to start fulfilling their roles in society and have to juggle many different identities while they go through their days.


It has been studied and proven that police officers in their uniforms are quite different in their general demeanor as when they don't wear their uniforms. However, this is the case with all of us who work. Not just those wearing Uniforms.

People get upset when they are not referred to along with their titles or professions. I have met thousands of corporate junkies who go out of their way to show me their visiting card. Their identity lies on that piece of paper and firmly within their 'twisted' minds.

It's sad what the world is turning into. Instead of making things easier, we are actually making things worse. The society we live in and the norms that govern our lives have molded us into mechanical beings who don't understand what someone like me talks about.


Living a comfortable life does not mean stuffing your life with gadgets and gizmos. Rather it means just spending enough time on relaxation, lazing around and doing nothing during the day.

Today's human race are slowly turning into a bunch of ants whose voices are not being heard no matter how hard they yell and scream out from the grounds.

The problem is that most of these issues could have been stopped right when it started simply by saying 'No' to anything or anyone that wanted to change the person you truly are. We said 'Yes' far too often and ourselves built the black hole that is swallowing us whole.

The good thing is that there is never a day that's too late to change your ways. Start off today and the upcoming moments that unfold will be wonderfully, uniquely and beautifully your very own....

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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