The Most Powerful Positive Force In Nature

The Most Powerful Positive Force In Nature
Our daily lives can sometimes be chaotic and busy leading us to feeling really tired and drained out by the end of the day.

It becomes increasingly difficult to spend quality time with our loved ones at home when we are so exhausted.

But there is a way to combat this problem so that you can feel refreshed and energized once again even after a long day at the office.

It's called water. Mother Nature's own remedy for so many things that affect human beings and all living creatures.

All of us know that we need water to drink for our survival. Here I am focusing on the therapeutic aspects of water when you are really tired.


Washing yourself with cool water at the end of a hard and tiring day can do wonders to your body and mind.

Pour cold water on your head, hands and legs while washing the tiredness away with some fragrant soap.

Having a bath or taking a shower with hot running water is another fantastic way to feel fresh and relaxed at the end of the day.

The power of a nice wash with hot or cold water can be felt just by me talking about it here.

I am just taking a little break right now and going over to the washroom to splash some cold water on my face. What a heavenly feeling it is, makes me feel so good right away.


Another simple way to feel fresh and relaxed after a hard day's work is to rest your legs in a bucket of cold water.

Once again, you can use hot water instead of cold water. It's purely your choice.

Adding some rose water and Epsom salts (hot water) to the water will make your legs feel really nice.

The best way to keep yourself feeling cool and fresh during the Summer months is to splash cold water on your face, hands and legs many times during the day.

No soap is required here, just pour water on your hands and legs or simply walk into your bathroom and take a cold water shower.


I guarantee you that you feel relaxed, cool, and wonderfully fresh when you take a wash, bath or shower with water at the end of a long tiring day.

It's time for me to take a break and daydream about being under a virgin waterfall on a hot day like today.

I am certain that the next post that I write on my return shall be an inspiring one.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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