The Awesome Life Of A Blogger On Osovo

The Awesome Life Of A Blogger On Osovo
Welcome to Osovo. This is a place where I write about anything that I want to write about. I am providing a little introduction into my life in this post especially for those of you that don't know me.

I love doing what I love for a living. I love writing content on a vast array of topics so I spend considerable time doing just this. Apart from writing, I love spending time on reading, relaxing and meditation. I am a 'stay at home' dad by the way. I love spending time with my 8-year-old son and my loving wife.

An average day for me involves waking up close to noon, taking my own sweet time having my breakfast, then doing some work (like checking emails and reading the news) for an hour, taking a break for half an hour of meditation, followed by another hour of work (I normally write something during this time), then take a much longer break for few hours.

Most Afternoons are spent lazing around and relaxing along with my loved ones, though on some occasions I spend this free time on leisurely reading, daydreaming and meditation. On rare occasions I fall asleep and don't wake up until it's tea time.

Life for me is all about enjoying the present day in front of me. The more time that I get to spend with myself and my loved ones, the better I find my day to be. I love spending loads of time in the emptiness of my bedroom where I lay down on my soft bed and daydream away to glory.


Before tea time arrives, I usually freshen up by taking a cool wash, after which I stand by the window looking at the world outside, then I prepare a few cups of tea for myself. I am addicted to Chai and drink more than half a dozen cups each day.

It's common for visitors and friends to find me sipping a cup of tea while I write these posts or while standing next to my large bedroom window.

After tea, it's family time once again, we often sit down in our living room, talk about stuff, play with Max (my son), go outside for a leisurely walk in the park opposite our home, or simply relax while listening to music or watching TV.

Later, around 8pm, I either come back to do some writing (or spend time on my other careers) or head outside (usually twice a week) for an evening with my close friends. I love it when my close friends and relatives drop in for dinner since we can relax in our large living room and talk for a few hours until it's time for them to leave.

Working days are what I love the most. My readers sometimes think that I'm lying when I write about how much I love writing these posts for you. But I'm certain that you (being the sensible one) will realize how much I love writing these posts just by reading the content of this post one more time.

Yes, before I close this one, let me also add that I dislike hard work. I love focused work with ample time given to all the other areas of my life. Life is not about working so damn hard all day. It's more to do with being happy and satisfied every single moment of the day.

I live in the now. I love today more than any other day of the week. And I will probably say the same thing tomorrow. Life is beautiful even when sad moments come my way. It's the perfect balance of every little thing that matters most to me.


I write content for close to 25 sites at a time. Most of these websites are tiny blogs in the massive cyber space, but there are close to 10 which are blogs which I have started writing for regularly. Writing does pay the bills but I never force our (Millions of) readers to see a zillion ads just to help me make more money.

Most of our blogs have no ads running on them and the focus is on serving varied yet interesting content to people from all over the world.

Everyone drops by some time or the other and the whole world is my playground as far as where our visitors come in from are concerned. Quite literally!

All my posts are usually turned into audio books. I build these blogs, develop them into audio books at a future time, then I list them for sale online so that those seeking for quality audio books on self growth, life enrichment and personal development can directly buy them from us at a reasonable and good price. This is how we make the money that we need to live a fairly comfortable and relaxing life each month.

My readers love what I write about because it connects with their own lives in some way or another. Life becomes more meaningful and fascinating when my readers find something uniquely different posted here by me.

My random musings and nonsensical posts are the most popular though I get tons of visitors coming in to read my travel, psychology, food, self growth, spirituality, and other varied articles as well.


You are certain to love reading my posts no matter which part of the world you come from. There's concrete human nature and common strings of our daily lives being shared inside the content of these posts.

Bits of my heart, pieces of my mind, and random bursts of words from my soul shall also be shared inside these pages and you shall be addicted but there is no compulsion to stay or come back.

You choose to return to read more on a new and different day since what I write about is what connects us both together as friends, not just reader and writer anymore.

Life's an interesting and amazing journey when we walk the distance holding the hands of our loved ones and conversing for hours on end with our friends.

Today our (yours and mine) journey starts off with this intriguingly long post on Osovo. We walk hand in hand towards our common and final destination from now on.

You are my friend and I am yours. Nothing more is needed but a few steps to take every now and then in the direction of our desired destination.

I shall leave you now so that you can relax in the sunshine created out of the immense knowledge shared inside this particular page here.

Thanks for your time, we shall meet often, my job is to write for you, and it's your choice whether you wish to read what I write or not.

Millions have walked my way and most have stayed and returned on another day since both our lives are enriched when we happen to spend time together on such blogs.

I shall never stop writing for my loyal readers until the day I cease to breathe since this is what makes me really, really happy.

My life is incomplete without my readers in the same way as it's unfulfilled without spending time with doing all the things that I love while basking in the presence of my loved ones, close friends and myself.

My aim is not to make Millions of dollars each year (through the dozens of sites we own) but to hand out Billions of smiles to visiting readers (and my friends) from all over the globe.

I'm so happy to have shared with you the secret life of a happy stranger (that's me) on this amazing day here on Osovo.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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