5 Simple Ways To Get All Your Prayers Answered By God

5 Simple Ways To Get All Your Prayers Answered By God
These days, most of us don't pray. And those of us that do, don't do it correctly. Hence, our prayers are never answered.

Being brought up in a highly religious household, I have been taught to prayer right since the time I was an infant. Maybe even before that.

Prayers have been a vital part of our daily routine. It is common to say our daily prayers several times during the day.

As I grew up, I realized that most of my prayers were not being answered. Whatever I was asking to God was not being given to me.

For many years, I cut down on my prayer time because I believed that there was no point to pray since my prayers were never going to be answered.

The years passed by, it was during a long vacation to Thailand that I learned that the way that I was praying was absolutely wrong.

I reckoned that my faulty methods of praying to God was probably the reason that none of my prayers were being answered.

On this iconic and memorable trip to Bangkok (June 2012) I was pleased to know that I would be receiving a private demonstration of Matt (a famous man there) drinking hot oil directly from a frying pan.

This special gift was offered to me by our Tuk Tuk driver thanks to him earning a huge commission after he took us to a Gem Factory somewhere in the city.

Yes, we did spend a lot of money at that place but what I was about to see and learn that Evening was worth much, much more.

My wife and son were too tired to come along for this treat so I dropped them off at our hotel and then went along with our driver to go check out Matt (his English name) drink some hot oil.


I was driven into the suburbs and taken to an underground place where loads of other tourists (mostly Westerners) were already seated inside.

The room was hot enough already and then a couple of guys made it feel even hotter by bringing in a huge frying pan full of hot oil.

Then Matt entered the room. He received a huge applause. Apparently this guy was pretty popular with the attending tourists already.

Matt sat down on a little plastic stool placed next to the pan full of hot oil.

Then he proceeded to start the fire below the frying pan to make the oil even more hotter.

Prawns and potatoes were brought in and his two helpers started frying the Prawns and serving them to us in these little plates they had given us a while earlier.

The fried Prawns were delicious. Then we were served with some Potato fries. After all of us had our fill, it was time for the main show.

The lights were dimmed, and a spotlight was placed on Matt, who was sitting there calmly meditating while all the frying of snacks happened.

Then Matt opened his eyes and stood close to the frying pan full of burning hot oil.

He then bent over and picked up half a cup of hot oil (into a thick metal glass) from the frying pan.

To our shock, he started taking sips of the hot oil. He appeared pretty calm while drinking it.


Was this a trick of some kind?

To prove that it wasn't, he came around offering us a sip of the hot oil in the same glass but no one dared try it.

No one but me that is. I sort of thought that this was some magic trick in which the metal glass was the tool that Matt used to hide the real hot oil.

So I took the metal glass from his hand and took a closer look at it while the hot oil was still inside.

When I was sure that this wasn't a magical glass I asked Matt to take a sip right in front of me.

He did take a sip and gave me a big smile and told me "You Indian fool, you are the people who thought me how to meditate in such a way so as to ease the pain, and now you are the very guys who have sent off your spiritual culture to America".

I was startled to hear Matt speak in proper English.

I was even more startled that he had learned to meditate from us (Indians).

I had a feeling inside me that what he said to me that day was entirely true.


In today's world, almost all the top Yoga Gurus and teachers come from the West.

They hail from Amsterdam to Berlin, and from London to Los Angeles.

But it is truly sad that very few "true" spiritual leaders and Yoga Gurus come from India. And it is our country that evidently taught the rest of the world Yoga and Meditation.

That day, I requested my Tuk Tuk driver to give me 30 minutes to speak to Matt alone.

I desperately wanted to learn what kind of meditation he did in order to train his mind to avoid the pain of the burning hot oil going down his throat.

I was overjoyed that Matt allowed me to stay behind to talk to him.

A young German tourist was also allowed to sit down and talk to Matt about this amazing feat of his.

Though she was charged 2000 Baht to learn his secrets and I was charged nothing.

Maybe Matt liked me (because I was Indian) or whatever but I was really, really fortunate that Evening to learn Matt's unique meditation method.

I did not realize at that time that what I was about to learn would change my life forever.

That hot evening in Bangkok, Matt, the hot oil drinking Guru taught me the RIGHT way to pray.

Thanks to that fateful evening's chat with Matt, I finally learned HOW to pray.

I owe a lot to him because had I not learned the right way to pray then my life would not be as awesome as it is today.

Here are the 5 steps to follow to get all your prayers answered...

1. Keep It Short And Simple.

Your prayers must be no longer than a minute long. Yes, no more than sixty seconds.

The words chosen inside your prayer must be as simple as possible. No big or complicated words must ever be used inside a prayer.

This is something almost all of us fail to do. We pray for many minutes, using words that no one can understand, not even us.

2. Repeat The Same Prayer 20+ Times Daily.

This 2nd point took me by surprise. I have brought up to believe that prayers are an open communication with the Almighty.

So I rarely repeated the same prayer everyday. I would ask for whatever I wanted as per the situation and time that I was praying at.

Most of us tend to pray differently, saying different prayers at different times of the year.

Matt said that this is the reason why our prayers don't work. God gets too confused about what you want.

3. Do Not Ask For Something.

This 3rd point was a complete shocker to me. All the priests that we have ever been to tell us that prayers are requests to God for what we want in our lives.

But prayers are not requests. God is not supposed to grant every wish that we ask him for. Neither is God there to listen to Billions of requests every single day.

Requests are NOT prayers. The moment you ask for something inside a prayer, the chances of getting it diminish a lot.

4. A Prayer Means Gratitude.

What exactly is a Prayer then? I asked Matt that evening in Bangkok.

Matt said "A prayer is saying thanks to God".

He added "We are not supposed to beg God for things. God is NOT our servant.

He is not there to give you whatever you ask for".

A PRAYER is thanks to God. Wow. This one well and truly opened my eyes.

5. Say Your Prayers SLOWLY.

The final point on this list is ACTUALLY the most important.

Chances are that if your PRAY as often as I did while growing up then you said your prayers as quickly as you could.

If you recorded yourself praying to God then you would know exactly what I'm talking about here.

We say our prayers too quickly, like an express train, we run through the words as if we are in a great hurry to run to the toilet or something.

Matt said "The slower and more clearly that you pray to God, the greater the chances your prayers will be HEARD by him".

On that evening in Bangkok, I didn't quite get the great importance of these 5 points.

However, I wanted to give this method a shot since a person who made a living drinking hot oil told me about it.

So, after that day, I started to PRAY again, I prayed a lot, I prayed using exactly these 5 steps. And my prayers have been heard.

Fortunately, Matt was kind enough to share a sample of his prayer with me...

These are the exact words used inside his prayers...

Thank you GOD for giving me good health.

Thank you GOD for keeping me safe.

Thank you GOD for giving me so much money.

That's it. These were Matt's prayers. Repeated 30 or more times a day.

Thanks to GOD. No requests, no special demands, no begging, just THANKS.

Being a student of Psychology, I sought to understand why this 5-point prayer method was so powerful.

In the last 5 years, I've lived an awesome life, every single day has been a real blessing from God.

I've lived my life on my own terms, making enough money to live a highly comfortable life.

I believe that Matt's prayer method has everything to do with it.

The psychology behind this is that we actually trick our subconscious mind into believing that whatever we thank God for is what we already have.

So even if we don't have it at that particular moment, our subconscious is made to believe that we do.

This makes 49 sleeping giants awaken within us. Since at any given point of time most of us are using less than 2% of our mental capacity.

So we literally get 49 other people helping us fulfill our prayers that we thanked God for.

It would not make total sense to you how POWERFUL Matt's prayer method is if I did not share with you my daily prayer at the end of this post.

Here is my daily prayer...

Thank you God for blessing with good health.

Thank you for keeping us safe 24x7.

Thank you for blessing with a big home.

Thank you for giving us 24x7 Electricity & Water.

Thank you for blessing us with plenty of love and money.

Thank you God, thank you so much!

There is another important thing that Matt taught me before I left him that night in Bangkok.

Matt taught me to value my culture some more. But I will save that for another post on Osovo.

Prayers are answered when we don't ask for something in them.

The memories of that Evening that I spent with Matt will remain with me till the day I die.

He taught me the value of prayer.

He helped me pray again.

The moment we say THANKS to God instead of ask him for things then that is when we ACTUALLY pray!

Give this powerful yet simple Prayer Method a shot from today, right now, there is no harm in trying this one out, or is there?

You want God to answer all your prayers then you simply must change the way you PRAY!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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