The Health Benefits And Fine Qualities Of Mosambi Juice

The Health Benefits And Fine Qualities Of Mosambi Juice
Few things in the world taste as delicious as chilled sweet lemon juice. The Mosambi is the humble sweet lime that's been given the scientific name "Citrus limetta".

The sweet juice (not acidic at all) that is extracted from this fruit has hordes of benefits for the face, skin, and body. Filled with nutrients, this is a must have fruit for those that want to pack a punch of health by drinking just a single glass of their "yummy" goodness.

The Persians refer this wonderful lemon as Limu Shirin while in some parts of the world it is even called an Orange (though it isn't). But the place where this fruit juice is the most famous is India and you are certain to find this refreshing drink almost everywhere you go in the country.

You can juice these lemony round fruits at your own home. Just head off to your local fruit vendor, pick up a few of these yellowish green tasty treats, bring them home, cut them in halves, and rigorously squeeze the juice out into a clean container.


Store the juice for a while in the refrigerator or simply add a few cubes of ice to the container and pour yourself a refreshing glass of this yummy beverage. It's best to drink your freshly squeezed Mosambi juice on a hot Summer's day or at the end of a long and tiring day at the office.

The kids will love the essence of lime that can be tasted while sipping on the nectar of this juicy fruit. Almost all the Mosambis grown on the farms are used to produce fresh juice. Canned varieties are not available as the juice might turn sour and taste bitter after a few hours (unless refrigerated well).

Mosambis are immensely popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and it's common to see fruit vendors selling these sweet lemons everywhere. You will also find roadside stalls who serve thirsty customers a chilled glass of freshly squeezed Mosambi Juice.

Some extra sugar and Chat Masala is often added so please make sure you request them not to add them unless you want them for the extra taste.


The juice of this fruit is not just delicious and refreshing but is a rich source of potassium and Vitamin C. You get around 50mg of Vitamin C per 100gm of fruit. As such Mosambi juice is often given to patients recovering in hospitals since it is an extremely good source of nutrition that helps in curing common ailments such as scurvy, cold, influenza, (helpful in) digestion, and constipation while improving the human immune system and building up the skin.

Those who drink a glass (or two) of Mosambi Juice everyday usually have a glow on their face all the time. People can easily notice your health skin and radiant looks when you drink freshly squeezed sweet limes on a daily basis.

Sweet Limes can usually be stored for a maximum of two weeks at room temperature while in tropical climates just a week and the fruit will turn acidic.

If you store it in a refrigerator then the fruit can easily stay fresh for 6 to 8 weeks at a time. The frozen varieties of this juice can be stored for as much as 6 months.


An indication of how much juice a sweet lime carries within can easily be tested by the size and color of the fruit.

Those that are slightly larger than tennis balls with more green than yellow, and which feel a lot heavier than what they seem to appear (when you look at them) are those that carry the most juice.

Avoid fully yellow or brownish yellow varieties as they are usually more acidic and taste bitter when juiced.

The fruit is fully ripened when it is more green than yellow and leaves some oil on your fingernails when you scratch the skin of the Mosambi before picking them off the tree.

It is possible to grow these lovely fruits in your home garden (in most tropical places) and enjoy the generous goodness of these tasty fruits all year long.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
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