Experience Total Serenity Inside The Palolem Beach Huts

Experience Total Serenity Inside The Palolem Beach Huts
Palolem is most certainly among the top 10 relaxing and laid back beaches in the world today.

A vacation on the beaches of Palolem cannot be complete without staying at the cozy huts tucked away at different parts of the coastline.

This is the most idealistic holiday destination in the state of Goa since you live right on the beach and are within walking distance from anywhere around the area.

Enjoy the laid back lifestyle as you laze around all day on Palolem Beach.

Most huts come cheap, includes basic living and sanitation facilities, are generally a stone's throw away from the sea, offers spectacular views of the ocean, and can be booked online itself throughout the year.

Slightly improved and luxurious cottages are available as well, some come along with hot water and air conditioning, while there are even some that offer room service round the clock, along with varied services available at most city hotels.


Tourists flock to the serene and beautiful beaches of Palolem during most months of the year.

Though the Summer months of April, May and June are best avoided due to the blatant tropical heat and surge of mosquitoes that occupy the vicinity here.

Booking a hut has now become simple, and most hut owners offer round the year booking services online itself.

Just contact them through a hotel booking site and let them know when you are coming down to this beautiful beach in Southern Goa and they will give you a choice of huts to rent out during your stay.

Discounts are given for stays of more than 7 days at a time, and they can help you with any tourism or hospitality related service in the region as well.

There are dozens of restaurants and bars in the area, the nightlife is slightly more upbeat than it used to be, a range of cuisines are usually available, and a hearty meal for two can usually be had in less than Rs.1000.


Kindly bring along a good mosquito repellent, or buy one from your hut owner when you get here, since Mosquitoes do make it a habit to get rather friendly during the nights.

Holidays on Palolem Beach are an awesome way to pass away your time in the coastal parts of India.

You are certainly going to meet friendly and chatty tourists around the place, while returning back to your rented hut will give you the peace and serenity that you need.

You can often spend a few weeks around the beaches in the South without putting a big dent into your travel budget, while relishing the tranquility and relaxed lifestyle of one of Asia's finest beaches that still aren't as popular as the ones in Thailand.

Paradise is well within your grasp, lazy days can be yours for the taking, and a super relaxing and laid back holiday awaits you on the wonderful beaches of South Goa.


You can while away a few months here if you wish to, like many popular travel bloggers actually have, and you will dream about the sandy beaches of Palolem long after you have returned to your own home.

We welcome you to our humble huts along the beautiful coastal areas of Palolem and Agonda.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any help in securing a beautiful hut or cottage for yourself and your friends so that you can directly walk right into your home away from home when you get here.

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