The Healing Powers Of Screaming Meditation

The Healing Powers Of Screaming Meditation
Letting go was never so easy until now....

Most of us go around the world by carrying plenty of excess baggage. We live our lives clinging onto the past, while latching onto the unmet needs and unfulfilled dreams we had while we were younger.

It's like holding a cup of coffee in your hands while you are resting with your friends (or alone) at a coffee shop.

We get so involved in the moment that we suddenly find our hands are hurting because we have been holding a cup full of coffee in our left hands.

A lot of tension and pain fills up inside our brains when we go around carrying ten bags of rotten Onions with us. Hypothetically speaking of course! But it will surely hurt you physically as well as mentally when you do it.

But the same amount of weight has been placed onto our brains for so many years.

Unmet needs, unfulfilled desires, incomplete journeys, past regrets, guilt and jealousy, and so much more.


The best way to let go off your excess baggage is first to acknowledge the fact that you have been holding onto things from the past and secondly to focus on a unique meditation routine that I learned when I was in Pattaya attending a single day meditation retreat a few years ago.

This unique meditation made the dozens of pupils attending this spiritual retreat to lose our voices for a day but the effects of this wonderful "letting go" method of meditation worked wonders for our hearts and minds. Perhaps even our souls.

Just scream while you are meditating.

Let all those negative feelings out by screaming out loud in bursts of two or three screams at a time.

Only the memories of the past will remain thereafter and the emotional attachments and negative feelings associated with it will have gone up into the open sky.


It has been scientifically proven that screaming on top of your voice can help remove inner tension and stress.

The power of letting go is magically put into action after just a few "loud" screams.

After just 15 minutes of screaming you will find that you feel much more lighter inside, you sense a new surge of confidence, and joy enters your heart without you doing anything else apart from meditation and screaming.

Make sure that you go to a quiet location outside of town, possibly the hills outside your city, or a forest somewhere far.

People won't quiet understand what the screaming is all about so it would be best to practice this uniquely wonderful brand of meditation somewhere where no one else but you are around.

Screaming meditation is a direct path to access the negative feelings hidden for years and decades inside one's inner being.


You are guaranteed to feel much more happier and relieved when you have done this simple form of meditation for just 15 minutes on any given day in the near future.

If it isn't possible for you to head off to a mountain top or the midst of the woods then simply practice screaming at a lower volume in your own home.

Close the windows and doors. Simply begin my deep breathing with your eyes closed. Then once you are in a state of trance simply start screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear you.

Another wonderful way to let go off the negativity stuffed inside you is to visit a Karaoke Bar near you.

You can select a heavy metal or hard rock song you know and then are "officially" allowed to sing and scream there. Wonderful healing while enjoying a night out on the town.

Kindly note that "screaming" meditation is not for everyone and if you have any issues with trying this method out then don't do it until you feel comfortable.

Once you are fairly comfortable with this meditation technique then start the healing process soon. Tomorrow or many days into the future might be too late.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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