25 Thoughts That Help You Live Better

25 Thoughts That Help You Live Better
1) A simple smile costs nothing. Your smile may cheer up someone's heart. Be liberal with your smiles.

2) Children want to be heard. All they need is the patient ears of their parents.

3) Do all your actions in the name of God. Because God is the master of life.

4) Do not compare. It sicks your mind with ill thoughts and stops you from moving forward.

5) Do not entertain gossip. Safeguard the human community from self destruction.

6) Do not follow the howling mob! Have your heart's say, even if the whole world is against you. Believe that 'God is with you'.

7) Education helps people to realize the potentiality within themselves. Know the importance of education.

8) Let children be free to explore the world, but under the watchful eye of the parents. Because, children are still unaware of the games played by the evil minds.


9) We are living a highly sophisticated life these days, machines makes our work a lot easier. Alas! it hardens the hearts of mankind though.

10) When you believe in God, you will be at ease while doing things, because you are not bothered of the result except focusing on performing the task. God is all, all is well.

11) Let "parents - children's" relationship be enhanced in a more friendly way. The world is fast, day in and day out, infinite contacts enters children's circle. So parents be the first to capture your children's heart. This is the right time. Act now.

12) Do not laugh at others weaknesses, instead help them overcome the same. Sure you will be blessed.

13) When you want to do a good thing, do it now. But a bad thing can be postponed.

14) No matter what, give the best of yourself for the well being of all. Life is all about harmonious living among fellow human beings.

15) What is termed as bad? A thought, a word or an action that is unethical. That has no moral values. It collapses the wholesome harmony of the life system on planet Earth.


16) What we find bad or nasty to do, do not ask your helpers to do. Because they are human beings like you with the same feelings.

17) Before blaming others, first think, what is the origin of the problem? Once you find, you can restructure the original frame.

18) Neither leave your stomach hungry nor dump too much food into it. Know your capacity and feed your stomach as such.

19) Always put in a good word about others. It costs nothing, except the willingness to do it. Sow the seeds of goodness in the hearts of all.

20) Practice meditation, silence, being non judgmental and being with nature. All these ways help you realize the God in you.


21) Your identity is your character. Be aware to be good at all times. It seems to be a good challenge, but long lasting happiness happens because of taking up this big challenge.

22) If children's well being is the first priority, then no parents can let children get addicted to video games. Know it, when the real world is not interesting, children try to live their life in a fantasy world. Wake up parents, guard and save your children from video game addiction.

23) When we cannot control the false actions of others, just leave it to God. Give your humble prayers always.

24) When your wish is true and pure, sure it will be achieved. Purity can pass through all odds.

25) Do what you love the most. The inner happiness is great and the productivity is high.

Gomathi Senthilkumar
Gomathi Senthilkumar
Counselor. Life Coach. Full Time Mom.

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