Humans Being Equal

Humans Being Equal
Many of us are constantly cautious about others. Most people have a fear of speaking up.

Public speaking is the biggest fear even bigger than death, on this planet.

Normal, sane, intelligent people are abnormally scared of other human beings at all times, for some reason or the other.

Our focus is always to look good, present ourselves well, be perceived well by others, be respected by all, etc, etc.

That's how the society works.

We formed the society, that is too conscious of one another.

Individuals fear being laughed at, by fellow society members.

We stopped thinking straight for some reason.

We started thinking based on only what we are shown and not what we have known.

I know, I am just going on mentioning few things, but none of it is making much sense to you at the moment.

The world works on psychology.

Everyone works as per their 'Psyche'.


Each and every human was supposed to have his own unique psyche. But, today the thinking or the psyche goes in a pattern.

The patterns that are uniform in most people and that is because of the monkey inheritance in our genes.

If each and everyone broke that pattern and started working on their own psyche, all the fears would disappear.

The fear among the people is ruling their whole life. They are in a fix, they don't know what to do at most times due to their various fears.

Only if people knew how to deal with people, no matter what lifestyle they choose to live personally would make everything easier.

If only, we remembered, we all were apes at one point and we evolved via individual development.

If only everyone looked at the opposite person and remembered that he was a monkey too, just like everyone else, when the world began.


Now, you must be more confused what am I trying to say?

What I am saying is, by going back to the origin you would be able to break all the differences between two human beings who are born on this planet.

You could see the real human in that person instead of seeing him/her through the spectacles of the riches he/she may have accumulated over the ages.

You, one human being, will be dealing with another human being without any fears, any inferiority, any differences.


When you eliminate all the man made material things between two people, we are all equal with one body, that has two hands, two legs, two eyes, one nose, etc, etc.

Where is the difference?

Everything is still the same and if everything is still the same then why are you worried?

Why are you scared?

Why do you fear speaking up?

Why do you care what the perception others have about you?

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.

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