5 Good Public Speaking Tips

5 Good Public Speaking Tips
1. Put on your show from the time you reach the speaking destination and don't stop your act till you've left it. Better still, be in speaker mode till you are a few hundred feet away from the speaking destination.

People are a lot more observant than they used to be just a few years ago. They notice things about you even after your speech has ended. I've seen many top rated speakers remove their tie, take off their jacket and heave a sigh of relief almost as soon as they have walked off the stage.

Don't ever be caught doing this. Be in speaker mode from the moment you walk in there till the time you are out of there.


2. The easiest and usually the most effective way to win over a large crowd is to speak in their language.

Which means, obviously speaking in their mother tongue, knowing what they want to hear, sharing the benefits that matter most to them, and connecting with them in a way that they fully understand and appreciate.

You can't win over a crowd that understands only English when you speak to them in Latin, French or any other language besides English.

You must spend enough time in learning more and more about your audience so that you can enter their hearts and minds with the least amount of resistance.

3. The goal of maintaining eye contact is to connect well with your audience and this can easily be done in looking at them for less than a second before you move onto the next section of your audience.

I've seen my trainees find it difficult to move naturally from person to person or section to section of their audience without an issue.

It seems they lose focus on what they need to do for a brief moment and end up staring at certain sections of the audience or at particular members in the crowd.

It's important that you practice your speech several times and work essentially on your delivery which includes your hand gestures, eye contact and overall body language.


4. An important part of my speaking engagement is my briefcase.

It's actually a leather bag that has 10 compartments in which I can keep my laptop, notes, pens, extra paper, a set of extra clothes, a few ties, a hand towel, face towel, note cards, extra copies of my speech content and even my smart phone.

On full day seminars, I even carry along my lunch in this briefcase. It serves its purpose wonderfully well.

I pack my briefcase myself each time I venture out for a speaking engagement. I prepare a list of things that I need for the day and carry all of them inside it.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, I carry along an extra briefcase which I give to my assistant to keep with her. This second briefcase usually contains hand outs or other visual aids I need during my speech.


5. Use your face to add interest while you speak with others. A lot of powerful emotions can be expressed purely through the use of varied facial expressions.

The main emotions that almost anyone can portray using their face are happiness and sadness.

A sense of intent and authority can be shown through the right facial expressions.

When you are confident, your face automatically appears to show this confidence to the audience.

Choosing the right expressions to express key aspects of your speech will go a long way towards heightening the effectiveness of your speech.

A good way to practice facial expressions is by standing in front of a mirror or watching silent movies of bygone decades.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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