The Incredible Story Of Little Charles

The Incredible Story Of Little Charles
This is a story of Little Charles who was in the 2nd standard in St. Ignatius High School, Jacob Circle, Mumbai.

St. Ignatius was a beautiful little school in the heart of Mumbai where the classrooms had large open windows and were surrounded by gardens full of many plants and scented flowers.

It was common for students to be found standing near the windows looking outside during the breaks as the sounds of the birds and the colorful flowers would make them feel relaxed and happy.

Little Charles was certainly a character in his school days.

Little Charles had a certain degree of maturity which was way beyond his years.

It was during his second Grade that he was told to write an Essay on the topic "What will I be when I grow up".

It is a topic that perhaps many students all over the world had to write on at least once during their Elementary school years.

Little Charles sat on the last bench during those years since he was a fat boy who was bullied and teased by certain "depressed" elements of Elementary school society.

And, he strongly felt that sitting right at the back would help him go unnoticed during those tender years. Boy, was he wrong!

Anyway, back to that sunny day in Saint Ignatius High School during that wonderful month of October.

32 students and Little Charles would be speaking on the topic "What will I be when I grow up" the following day.

So, Little Charles went home as fast as he could and started to write his Essay as soon as he had eaten lunch that day.

The words flowed out like water from a tap. And, he was done with his Essay within an hour.

He had filled up 4 whole pages with all the words that expressed what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Later the same day, he spoke to his Grandfather about his Essay and his inputs helped Little Charles even more.

Another hour of writing and a brand new Essay was born. 5 more pages were filled up.

And, he was eager to share his Essay (or speech) with the other students the next morning.

The next morning arrived and he was up bright and early.

Little Charles wasted no time in getting ready for school. He was in my classroom way before time.

Since he was on the last bench (as usual) his turn to speak would probably come last.


So, he sat there waiting his turn and he listened to the other students share their dreams for the future.

One student said that he wanted to be a Doctor when he grew up. Another said that he wanted to be an airplane pilot.

Another wanted to be a nurse. And another just like his father - an Engineer.

Turn by turn, each of the students stood in front of the class and proudly stated what they wanted to be when they grew up.

And they were applauded by the teacher and the students after their speech was made.

But, for Little Charles, it was starting to get a bit confusing and scary after every speech was read out.

HE was scared because of two things and one of those things I will share now and the other you will know within a minute.

The first thing was that everyone took less than a minute to read their speech out.

Finally, his turn to speak came on that horrid October morning.

The whole class burst out laughing when he read out the first 14 words itself.

And, they were in splits after the first 27 words of his speech.

He looked down at my trousers. Maybe his zip was open, but, it wasn't.

He stopped reading and turned to look towards his class teacher.

Surely, she wouldn't be laughing at him. But, to his shock and dismay she was laughing too.

What was Little Charles saying that was so funny.


He realized it just a minute later but was sure about it when he went home and spoke about his "tearful" experience with his pet cat.

The reason everyone laughed at him that day was because his first words were..."when I grow up I want to be 15 different people in my life".

He continued..."When I grow up I want to be a teacher, a painter, a writer, a counselor, a photographer, a cook, a DJ, a manager, a public speaker, a song writer, a computer geek, a business owner of some kind, a good father, a loving husband, and a great human being".

As the others laughed at him, he continued...."I plan to first be a painter and a song writer since those do not require any qualifications".

After the next three sentences he stopped reading and walked back slowly to his seat at the back of the classroom.

The students kept laughing at him though. And they laughed for the whole week thereafter.

People cannot seem to understand that some people want to do many things in their lives.

The others in that class wanted to do just one thing in their lives. Little Charles wanted to do more so he was laughed at.

Today, he is the one who is laughing. He laughs so much that he's still laughing as I share this line.

Little Charles was none other than me, Savio Charles DSilva. I named this story after me so it would enhance its impact a bit.

Today I laugh because I have lived my life (I am 42 years old now) the way I dreamed about living it when I grew up.

I have become 14 out of 15 things I mentioned in that speech during the second grade.

I am a teacher, a painter, a writer, a counselor, a digital photographer, a cook, a DJ, a manager, a public speaker, a song writer, a computer geek, a business owner, a good father, and a loving husband.

One of the things I haven't yet achieved is to be a great human being. I am certain that I will get it done before I leave this world.

It was 12 years ago that I gone back to attend a school reunion for the first time since I had left school.

I was quite amazed to know that most of those students who laughed at me were doing something entirely different from what they had mentioned in their little speeches back in second grade.

The guy who wanted to be a doctor was an officer in a bank, and the others who wanted to be pilots, nurses, engineers were doctors, accountants, corporate executives and the like.

Not a single one had actually become what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Life is truly unpredictable. Most people are involved in careers that they don't particularly like that much. But they have little choice but to continue with those careers because that's what helps pay the bills.

They make money by working. And if they quit that job they don't like then they will be left without enough money to manage their monthly expenses.


According to a best selling book (Living Dead), most working people don't like what they do for a living. And because they don't like their jobs they don't do it that well.

Intensive surveys conducted by the author of this highly popular novel concluded that most employees spend less than 1/3rd of their time spent in their workplace working. Shocking. Right?

Which means that each year companies and organizations waste Trillions of dollars because the staff that they hire to get work done are busy "not" working. That's why the author of the book calls the workforce as the "living dead".

I believe that everything that the book reveals is more than 100% true. People these days don't like working at all. More than 8 out of 10 people in a top company does not work for more than 1/3rd the time that they spend in their offices.

Basically, working people spend every 2 out of 6 hours working. And every 4 out of 6 hours not working. So, this means, that companies are paying their employees more money for not working than what they pay them for actually doing some work.

The number reason people don't like to work is because they don't like the work that they do.

The child who wanted to be a doctor is today selling screws. The student who wanted to be a doctor is today working in a call center (night shift).

The students who wanted to become accountants, lawyers, army officers etc. are today working in banks and private sector companies.

I was shocked that not a single one of those 32 students managed to become the one thing that they wanted to be when they grew up.

But here I was. I am probably the happiest student alive. I always wanted to be more than one thing. A rebel I was.

I wanted to be more than just 1 person in this world. Why be stuck in one job when you can love being in multiple careers and play diverse roles in society?

Today I am a counselor, a teacher, a content writer, an author, a motivational speaker, an artist, a song writer, a digital photographer, a cook, a businessman, online marketing wiz, and more. I love my work because it's always been work that I love to do.

The best career advice that I can give you is to find a career that you love and do it. And once you have found 1 career, then find your second calling, then your third, and then your fourth. Who says you need to be just 1 thing and fulfill just 1 role in society?

Our educational system is both meaningless and corrupt when it comes to guiding us in our careers. The same teachers who told us that we should become scientists when we grow up (because we were good in Science) are still struggling to complete a working day in the school they work in. They hate their jobs and then they give us career advice!!

More than 90 out of every 100 working professionals don't like the work that they do. Given a choice they would love to do something else.

It's time you start working on your second and third careers. Don't get stuck in a single job. Use whatever free time you have at work or over the weekends to start building a second, third and fourth careers.

Of course, it's up to you to take my advice. I for one know exactly how powerful the advice that I share with you in this post is. Leonardo da Vinci knew the power of working in different professions. The richest and most successful people in the world know what I'm talking about.

For example, Azim Premji (one of the richest people in Asia) is involved with 50 different things in a month. His company manufactures everything from furniture to software, clothing to bathing soap, but yet he manages to do them all in less than 35 hours of work hours spent in the office each week.

Some of my students, clients and listeners criticize me by saying that because I spend my time in doing different things I am not a world famous expert in any single one of them.

Well, my objective is not to be world famous for what I do. My purpose is to love what I do. I believe I have done that, am doing that, and will continue to do that.

No one can make me or Azim or Bill do something that we don't love doing. The choice is ours. We would rather spend less hours at work but give everything to that task over just working 1/3rd of the time we spend in the office. Enough said. It's time to wake up! Or continue sleeping! It's your choice.

So to sum up...the best career advice from Little Charles is to do what you love and be involved in as many careers as you are comfortable with and like. You can be whatever you want to be, and in this case, you can create more than a couple of careers for yourself. No excuses, just do it!

I am sure that most listeners won't like the career advice this 2nd grader is giving them even though deep down inside they know it's totally true. But no one is asking you to follow it if you don't like it. Keep doing what you are doing, working 2 out of 6 hours is surely making you happy so why bother listening to what someone like me has to say.

One last thing. I ain't here to please you. There are 8 out of 10 posts that I create which are highly appreciated. There are 2 which are not appreciated as much. That doesn't mean I stop creating posts, audio books and lessons.

I love creating these posts! I love recording audio books. It's as if I am on the stage at Madison Square Garden with 15000 people listening to every last word I say.

One day I hope that you can find what truly makes you tick. Your life's purpose is not to make others happy, but to do what makes you happy.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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