The Little Guide To Koh Samet

The Little Guide To Koh Samet
Koh Samet is an Island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It falls in Rayong Province, eastern part of Thailand. Koh Samet has beaches, beaches and beaches.

Just like other tourist locations of Thailand, Koh Samet is also full of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. And another interesting thing you find here are The Bungalows at the beach. These Bungalows are built on the beach and you may hire the rooms for reasonable rates.

With wide range of accommodation facilities, nature's beauty, variety of cuisines and a great standard of transport system makes Koh Samet one of the best places to visit on the planet. I think I forgot to mention about the night life what you cannot resist.

Koh Samet Weather

Koh Samet is a tropical Island which enjoys very less rain fall. It mainly features the forest there and also it has the Khao 'Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park'. So basically you enjoy water and greenery both elements of natural forces at the same time.


Koh Samet History

Koh Samet, the name has been kept because of the 'Cajeput Tree' which are found on this island abundantly. Koh or ko literally means An Island and Samet stands for Cajeput.

Koh Samet was initially captured by Pirates. Later the forest administration was managing the island and was not visited by too many people. After 1981 Government opened the doors and ever since then the island just improved and never looked back.

Koh Samet Travel

To reach Koh samet it takes about 4 hours total by the bus from SouthEast of Bangkok bus station. The Air condition buses run on daily basis and every hour (from 5am to 8pm) they leave from Bangkok 'Ekkamai' bus station. The Tickets cost about 650 Bath one way.

First you will get to Ban Phe port which is the local port, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes from Bangkok and from there it takes just 30 minutes to reach Koh Samet by the ferry. The ferry will drops you at Nadan village which is located at the north coast of Ko Samet. The ferry ride cost about 50 Bath one way.

If you plan to go by Air, Bangkok Airways facilitates regular scheduled flights from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Samui Island to Rayong-Utapao International Airport. And from there you can go to Ban Phe and to Koh Samet there after.

When in Koh Samet you may love to walk along the beach and the Bath buses will serve you to go around the place. Even hired motor bikes are very common to see around and also enjoying the breeze touching your face.


Koh Samet Beaches

Hat Sai Kaeo the most popular beach on the island. Hat Sai Kaeo means Crystal Sand Beach and is also known as the Diamond Beach.

Other beaches in Koh Samet are Ao Phrao, Ao Wong Duean, Hat Hin Khrong, Hat Khlong Phai, Ao Phutsa, Ao Thapthim, Ao Nuan, Ao Cho, Ao Thian, Ao Wai, Ao Kio Na Nok and Ao Karang. The best part of Koh Samet could be that the beaches have sparkling sand, very clean and safe.

Koh Samet is mainly visited by foreign tourists and visitors could be of Thai residence on the weekends or in the holiday time.


When I saw the map of Koh Samet, I wondered for a while because to me it seemed similar as the Thailand the whole country's shape. It looks like the head of the Elephant the same as the Thailand shape on the map. I thought it was a mini Elephant head.

The major activities and events in Koh Samet are sunbathing, fishing, partying at nights, massages, shopping and enjoying the sea food. You may love dinning at the beach or sitting at a bar and sipping a few drinks with a friend or just sit and glare at the waves.

The best thing what I like about Thailand is the rich culture. Most locals are always busy with their jobs. They are extremely hospitable, polite, always wearing a smile on their faces and never found idle or annoying any one.

Sapna Mehta
Sapna Mehta
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