20 Tips For The Average Working Person To Work On

20 Tips For The Average Working Person To Work On
1. Focus fully when you are engaged in routine activities and tasks such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, surfing the news on your phone, washing your hands, etc.

2. Accept everything with grace. This is a vital step which ushers in positive growth and real change in your life. Whatever is there in our life is there for a reason.

3. You always have a choice. Take a breather before you make up your mind about something.

4. Reduce the time that you spend on watching TV and on social media platforms. Both of these things are essentially designed to eat away your time and money.

5. Always sit up straight. Pay special attention to your posture whenever you are working. Especially if you work long hours. Poor posture can cause back pain and make you feel tired sooner than normal.


6. Think more. Use all your ideas, thoughts and feelings to maximize your thought process and create better solutions for everyday problems at work and in your life.

7. Say thanks. Always say your thanks to God and life itself. There is no greater power than that of gratitude.

8. Focus on brain fitness. Eat the right foods, from almonds to avocados, walnuts to carrots, apples to cabbage, all pulses, fruits and dark leafy vegetables can truly boost our brain health.

9. Ask for help from an experienced counselor whenever you need assistance with anything in your life. There are plenty of counselors available online and offline for problems or issues related to your career, marriage, health, finances, etc.

10. Learn to embrace emergencies and panic. Both, unfortunately, are part and parcel of life. The sooner we acknowledge this fact, the better for our overall well-being.


11. Take great care of your body. Focus on good health, every single day. You might want to achieve a lot in your life but chances are that you won't achieve a thing without being in good health.

12. Think about things from a different angle, find a new way to do something mundane, look for unique ways to solve your problems, this is creative imagination at its best, and it usually works well for us.

13. Work with others brains, efforts and time. A lot can be done when we seek assistance from the right people. More hands make our work light.

14. Teach others what you already know. And be a lifelong learner yourself. Make time for sharing your knowledge and time to add to your knowledge.

15. Sleep on time, every single night. Do not mess around with this one. Sleep is probably the single most important factor in you being at your best every single day. So never neglect it.

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16. Learn to earn an income from different sources. If you are too comfortable in just a single career, perhaps it's time you try out a second one during your free time. Invest time in different careers and things that you like and diversify your income sources.

17. Be free. Live free. Think like a free bird. Never restrict your thoughts. Always believe that there are better ways of doing things and focus some of your time on finding them.

18. Discuss your plans with your friends and family. Chances are that the more others know about your plans, the better the chances that you will make time to achieve each and every single one of them.

19. Don't be too busy helping others all the time. Devote enough time towards your own well-being. Spend time in reflection, meditation and contemplation. Everyday.

20. If possible, work from home. There is no greater satisfaction that you will experience than the one you feel when you can live and work inside the comforts of your own home.

21. Don't push yourself too hard. But don't relax too much either. Never take it easy. Do what you must everyday. Make life easier but don't take it too easy that you end up wasting lots of time in the process.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
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