20 Interesting Facts About Ocelots

20 Interesting Facts About Ocelots
1. An Ocelot is a wild cat that is found mostly in Latin and Central America. It's also seen all over Texas, USA. Though there is no presence of them in Chile, apart from in the national zoo.

2. You will find both females and males playing together and getting ready to mate in the summer months. However, mating can happen all through the year in tropical areas.

3. Snakes such as Anaconda, eagles and other such birds of prey, and larger cats such as Pumas and Jaguars are the ones that hunt and eat the much smaller sized Ocelots.

4. These small cats live mainly in the tropical rain forests, the mountain forests, the mangroves, and other surrounding areas.

5. They eat smaller animals such as rats, monkeys, lizards, snakes, tortoises, and birds they happen to catch while they are resting inside the trees.


6. An ocelot may spend nearly the whole day traveling the forests and plains in search of food. Typically an area of 7 square miles is covered by each of them every single day.

7. Most wild cats do not like the water. But not the ocelot. They love swimming inside the water and frequently take a dip to catch some fish.

8. They are hunted for their fur. The striking color of their skin makes them a prized catch for fur hunters.

9. Almost double the size of a domestic cat, an ocelot is usually around 3 feet long. It weighs around 30 pounds. Males are larger in size when compared to females. Its tail is 15 to 18 inches long.

10. Ocelot is listed as an endangered species due to its slow reproduction rate and massive hunting done on them for most of the last century.


11. They can live up to 20 years when in captivity but between 12 to 15 years in the wild.

12. The kittens are born without eyesight. They slowly develop over a span of one year.

13. Ocelot has no chewing teeth hence must directly swallow whatever it eats. However, its pointed teeth are used for tearing of the food. These pointed teeth are like sharp blades.

14. The little wild cats like to live and hunt on their own. In essence, they are territorial animals with males living in an area of 30 square meters while females manage in an area occupying less than 12 square meters.

15. Its pronounced eyesight which is equipped with night vision and acute sense of smell makes finding prey a lot easier.


16. The unique thing about these little wild cats is that they are not just found in the plains but at majestic heights of more than 10,000 feet, in the mountains and the high forest plains.

17. Female ocelots reproduce only once every 2 years, that too with just 2 to 3 kittens, hence the number of this endangered species rises slowly. A typical pregnancy lasts for 3 months.

18. These little wild cats are active mainly during the night and are considered nocturnal animals for this reason. They rest on tree branches during the day.

19. What it lacks in the chewing department, it makes up for with a raspy tongue that helps it take out every little bit of flesh attached to the remains of its prey.

20. They yowl loudly when they are ready to mate. The hotter months are when they are most likely to mate.

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