The Magic Of Focus And Discipline

The Magic Of Focus And Discipline
Among the easiest ways to get better at something is to keep aside some time each day to practice it.

For me, writing and creating audio books out of the written content is an activity that I want to get much better at, so I keep developing new content every single day.

I've just kept building and building content on hundreds of our websites for the last 18 years and as a result there have been close to 600 Million page views received on our webpages online (since 1999).

During the past 30 days, I have focused most of my content creation time on writing articles, posts, stories and musings as a result of which I have created over 200 posts working less than 4 hours a day on writing these posts.


Writing more and more has genuinely sharpened my thinking abilities and content writing skills. The feedback received from my loved ones and close friends is evidence enough that I've been getting better and better at content creation and writing posts like these.

For you too, sharpening and enhancing your skills, talents or techniques usually adds up to the same equation - do more of what you want to get better at every single day!

The habit of performing a single activity at more or less the same time everyday creates a strong sense of discipline and consistency in our nature. It's awfully difficult for me to break my content creation habit now since I've become strictly habituated to writing something new every single day.

The best part about being consistently focused on honing our skills is that we become better and faster at those skills than what we were when we first started honing them.

In the past, it wouldn't be as easy and effortless to write 2 posts in 1 hour (or less) as it would end up taking me a long time to research, write and publish each post.

However, these days, I effortlessly write unique and high quality content at the rate of 2 posts per hour. Each post consists of 500 words or more. So I end up writing over 1000 words an hour and can easily write and publish 8 posts each working day.


Consistency and discipline are the hallmarks of great people. Highly effective people are creatures of good habits. We can be equally effective just by being rigidly disciplined everyday and by being fully focused while performing any activity that we engage in.

It becomes easy to live a well balanced and fulfilling life when you are able to focus harder and spend lesser time on activities, tasks and odd jobs that you indulge in on a daily basis.

The daily habit of writing something new has turned me into a much more focused and effective person. I am able to devote more time on doing things that I love since I know by now that I need to invest merely a few hours on effectively fulfilling that task for that particular day.


It's important to tell you that I've become much more passionate and interested in content creation than what I was years ago. I mean, how can one not love doing what they love?

I love writing so putting in a few hours (every working day) on creating these posts for Millions of people to listen to becomes effortless, enjoyable and deeply fulfilling while making me more passionate and relaxed.

Rigid discipline and focused efforts every single day helps you become a master at whatever you do.

Life becomes more relaxing, enjoyable and interesting since there is so much free time to do all the other things that you always wanted to do. I am certain that you will feel the same way if you focus fully on developing your core talents and skills (like I do) for some time every single day.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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