A Yummy Introduction To Mumbai's Chicken Frankie

A Yummy Introduction To Mumbai's Chicken Frankie
Taking a big bite of a Chicken Frankie is like tasting a slice of heaven even before one dies.

Such is the rich and wonderful combination of cooked (boneless) chicken and the roll that holds it together.

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken meat masterfully combined with herbs and spices that's cooked just right and then wrapped into a roll along with a Paratha (Indian bread).

Squeezing a few drops of lime juice onto the cooked chicken mixture along with lots of cheddar cheese grated over it packs more punch into this 'already' delicious snack.

The Indian Burrito is the tastiest and yummiest wrap around the place. Unfortunately, the Chicken Kathi Roll is only available in major cities in India.

It's well known as the "Chicken Frankie" in Mumbai and some other parts of the country.


Everyone loves a tasty, fresh and spicy wrap. Food trucks all over America have their varied versions of wraps, burritos, cal-zones, and spring rolls but the yummy Frankie is something that's available only in certain parts of India.

It's actually a Kathi Roll but commonly called a Frankie. It's essentially a Roti wrapped with cooked meats or vegetables and served while it's still hot.

Mutton, beef, chicken, cottage cheese, egg, cheese and veggie Frankie are the most common kinds available on the streets of Mumbai.


On this site, we focus most of our attention on the super delicious Chicken Frankie since that is what we love to eat the most.

It's a wonder that this street snack hasn't yet spread to different parts of the world.

It's an amazing fast food item that's so tasty (the finger licking kind) yet does not burn a hole into your purse.

There are tons of Frankie stalls all over Mumbai and anyone can buy themselves a yummy and filling appetizer while they are roaming around town.


You can easily make these spicy tasty snacks at your own home. All you need is a frying pan or a Tawa and you are good to go.

In the coming days, a few Frankie recipes, including a cottage cheese one, that we have tried out and loved shall be shared along with you.

One thing's for sure, you will love biting into and eating a Kathi Roll.

Sliced onions, mint leaves, french fries, and lemon wedges served on the side will make your Chicken Frankie taste all the more yummier.

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