20 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Stress

20 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Stress
1. Gossiping is a negative habit to have. Avoid gossip and gossipers like the plague. Discussing bad things about other people only adds to our stress and wastes a lot of our valuable time. So do not Gossip.

2. Reduce clutter inside your home and office. More space means more freedom. A clean, airy home with lots of free space is ideal for each one of us. A clutter-free life reduces stress automatically.

3. Drink 2 cups of tea a day. Maybe even 3. Tea is well known for its stress relief properties. Besides being a bringer of good health in mind and body.

4. Have more fun. Nothing can beat stress faster than having a jolly good time can. Have fun each day.

5. Be a person filled with gratitude. When you are genuine grateful for all that you have, then the chances of being stressed are minimal.


6. Sip on warm water. It's a magical tonic that's totally free and has no calories. Warm water helps us feel fresh and good during the day.

7. Change your bad habits into good ones. Addictions and habits can drain a lot of our energy. Switching to positive habits will increase our energy and make our life better.

8. Take power naps. These are little naps of 5 to 30 minutes in duration. You can take them anytime you wish to. It gives you a break for a while and shuts you off from the busy world all around.

9. Spot walk. It's free. No gym memberships required for this one. People spend so much money on gym memberships, dance classes, etc when they can simply stay inside the comforts of their own home and walk at the same spot for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, twice or thrice a day.

10. Play online games. Or computer games. Both help in reducing stress. There's something about these games that just make us feel good. Be careful though, anything more than an hour and your chances of getting addicted are high.


11. Spend time in a garden. Or at a nearby beach or hill. Just get out for a while, early morning is my favorite time, it's all so quiet and calm.

12. Get lots of fresh air. Leave the windows open during the day if you can. Let the outside world come inside.

13. Control your thoughts. Think only positive things, don't think negative, not even for a minute.

14. Enhance your sense of humor. Laugh at your own jokes and spend enough time in looking at the lighter side of life.

15. Hug people you care about. Touch Therapy works wonders. A long tight hug can reduce stress faster than most other things can.


16. Smile more. You just cannot be stressed out when you smile.

17. Spend time with your closest friends. Have a whale of a time with them. Meet them often and invest time in enjoying life's simplest pleasures.

18. Life is beautiful. Invest in building the interiors of your home. Adorn your walls and the spaces of your home with things that make the home space more beautiful and help you feel closer to nature.

19. Spend time with your family, quality time is most important. An hour a day is the bare minimum. But if you can give 2 hours or more towards spending time with your loved ones then it's obviously better.

20. Understand yourself more. Spend an hour or two a day in meditation and reflection. Make sure that this time is spent in solitude and silence for the best results.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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