20 Interesting Tips For A Better Life

20 Interesting Tips For A Better Life
1. No one fails. Really. Only problem is that we must train our mind to see it so whenever we do. Success lies inside our thoughts. Think success. Never failure.

2. Our entire body is a gift given to us by God. It is our moral duty to maintain it to the best of our ability. Invest time in improving your health as you grow older.

3. When abroad, buy a memento for everyone close to you. It's a really nice thing to do. But don't spend all your shopping money only on such things. Get something for yourself too.

4. Each one of us is blessed with abundance. So don't envy others. Be happy with what you already have.

5. Develop the right social network. Hook up with the ones that helps you achieve your goals. One good friend is usually worth over a thousand others.


6. Don't gamble away hard earned money. Buy only things that you really need. Money is a truly precious commodity.

7. Share something useful. Or something funny. But don't share anything else. Sharing is caring.

8. Take time to smell nature. All things small and beautiful. The little flowers, the first rains, the breeze, etc. Nature is so beautiful.

9. Do not risk your money. Invest your money in things you are extremely sure about. Learn over a thousand ways to save money by downloading the audio book '1000 Ways To Save Money' on Osovo.

10. Find solutions. Not problems. Look for a way to solve issues before they go out of proportion. Little problems are always easier to solve.


11. Learn about massage techniques like Tui Na. It's easy to relax your muscles through massage. It induces relaxation inside us as well.

12. Be a counselor - it closely aligns with our life purpose. Which is to be happy. We get happy by making others happy. Learn counseling on Enoma.in.

13. When shopping for clothes, consider consulting an expert or a good friend in choosing the right things to buy. Shopping with friends becomes a lot more fun. Keep a close eye on your expenses though.

14. Dare to push yourself to do something that you never thought you could do. Dare to fail in it too. Failing at something that you just tried out for the first time is not failure but part of the learning process.

15. Don't beg while you pray. Prayers that give thanks to God are much more powerful than any other. Learn the right way to pray through the post '5 Simple Ways To Get All Your Prayers Answered By God'.


16. Do not slurp when drinking a beverage or a soup. It's bad manners. And always drink your soup slowly. Enjoy each part of it.

17. Live a 5-star lifestyle. Make your bedroom and living room as clean and tidy as a room inside a top hotel.

18. Have happy people around you. It helps makes you happier. Happiness spreads, so does sadness. Stay away from the sad ones unless you have no other choice.

19. Wear something super comfortable after your work day ends. It helps you relax well all evening. Comfortable clothing helps make life more comfortable.

20. Keep things you use daily in a set place. This way, it's easy to find it and keep it back. Being organized makes life better.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.

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