20 Tiny Ways To Live A Better Life

20 Tiny Ways To Live A Better Life
1. Do not live beyond your means. Ever. And buy only and only what you need.

2. Place a bet on silly things with your friends but don't hesitate to pay when you lose one. Better still, don't place money bets.

3. Simplify your routine. Divide your day into 3 parts - the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. The time management audio book 'Sweet Sixteen System' available on Osovo helps in this regard.

4. Change your pillows every 6 months. And change their covers every week. Invest in the best pillows that your money can buy.

5. Expect more but be truly grateful for what you already have. And we all have plenty. Thank god for the abundance he has blessed you with.


6. Stand up after a fall. Move forward no matter what. Those that rise from the ashes show true metal. Never throw in the towel.

7. Pay attention to the movement of your abdomen while you practice deep breathing during the day. This is a nice little way to practice mindfulness too.

8. Sit up straight. Never slouch. Walk freely. Don't be rigid. Posture matters. A lot.

9. Go on more outings. Outings are good. It helps you see the world through your own eyes, not someone else's.

10. Whenever there's a deadly virus in the air in your area, stay at home. It's not worth risking your life to go to school, work, or anywhere else.


11. Enjoy silence. In the noisy world that we live in, it helps to retreat into your bedroom and spend time in silence. An hour a day is just fine.

12. Add garlic to your meals. The mildly spiced taste of the chopped up garlic adds a kick to a curry or a pasta. Besides garlic is good for the stomach and excellent for our heart.

13. Improve your writing skills daily. Writing is an inspiring and soothing activity that can help pay the bills if you blog enough. Even a full-time Mom like me makes a living through blogging.

14. Listen to audio books while doing things that don't require your complete attention. It's so easy to do both at the same time. There are plenty of good audio books available on Osovo.

15. When the going gets tough, you must realize that it's just God way of testing your determination and grit. So keep going.

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16. Start your day with nature. Taking in the smell of the green leaves and grass on the lawns dampened by the morning dew is a delightful way to start off the day.

17. Always buy lingerie and undergarments online. It's worth paying that little bit extra to safeguard your privacy.

18. Take a long walk on the beach around sunset time. Or take a leisurely walk in the park nearest to your home.

19. Time waits for no one. Don't let a single hour of your day go to waste. Make each hour count!

20. Do not brag. Let others take the credit once in a while. And never take credit unless you deserve it.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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