35 Tips To Live A Better Life From Today

35 Tips To Live A Better Life From Today
1) Never give up. Remember that things seem the worse just before they change.

2) Avoid alcohol, sugar and junk food. Your liver will thank you as these foods cause fat build in the liver leading to liver damage.

3) Travel more. Travel is educative. Each place you visit brings you new knowledge about another place, culture, lifestyle, food, language and so on.

4) Ensure you have carbohydrate, protein and fat at every meal. Adjust the amounts of each according to your needs. A higher amount of carbs supports an active lifestyle.

5) Avoid unnecessary use of credit. It may get you into a cycle of spending and payments that never seem to end given the high interest rates charged.

6) Teach young ones to meditate. It is as beneficial as teaching them to exercise so that they are physically strong.

7) Add salt towards the end of the cooking process. The dish absorbs more salt at the beginning and in the middle.

8) Recognize that there are some things you may never succeed at. Find other goals and live successfully.

9) Dress in accordance with your goals. If you want to incorporate a lot of activity into your life, dress in sports wear that I'd smart and comfortable. If you want to look hip, dress in trendy styles.

10) When you fail at something, do not waste much time in discouragement or regret. If you do, you will fail to seize new opportunities that come up to replace the old.


11) Allot time regularly for an assessment of your life. Set up plans for change, where necessary, in order to reach you goals..

12) When you wake up in the morning, choose a new attitude for the day.

Experiment. Try a joyful attitude today - make everyone you meet awestruck by your Joie De Vivre. Try praise - compliment everybody and everything. Your life will be more rewarding.

13) When you experience failure, don't be disappointed. Every successful person has experienced failure at some point.

14) A healthy diet, exercise, sleep and a positive mind can very often be a substitute for medication in many illnesses. Plan your cure today.

15) Know when to call it quits. If you've tried really hard and you're going nowhere, it may not be an activity meant for you. Bring your struggle to an end..

16) Try out natural remedies at the onset of minor illnesses. Try steaming cups of herbal or ginger tea to stave off a cold. Try lemon and honey. Try green tea. Try soup.

17) Daily set aside time for BONDING with family and friends through joint activities like eating dinner, playing sports, walking, movies, etc.

18) Each time you fail, be thankful. Failure brings you an opportunity to make great changes. Change brings success.

19) Keep believing that you will SUCCEED, and your belief will put you on the road to SUCCESS.

20) Instead of constantly worrying over your problems, divert your mind to working out resolutions. You will get rid of your problems and your mind will go through lesser harm.


21) When you've tried long enough at something with not much progress, don't be hesitant to give up. Some things are not meant to be.

22) Let the past remain in the past, it is of no use. Tomorrow is the future and you don't know what it brings. Today is yours - fill it with activities that bring joy and peace.

23) Try to be effective in all your communications. It will lead to better understanding in all your relationships.

24) Our bodies are more efficient at processing plant foods than meat. Efficient digestion leads to better absorption of nutrients by our bodies.

25) A breeze or draft from a window, fan, or vent, can blow light weight flammable items like paper into the flame of a stove, candle or tea light leading to a fire. Be careful about such things.

26) Ask those around you to describe you. You are sure to learn some new truths about yourself.

27) When presented with a problem, as you work out a solution, pay attention to what your personal gain will be. You will find that you are going to be stronger, bigger and better than before.


28) Make sure you consume enough of Vitamin C through your foods as our bodies do not produce this internally. This vitamin helps repair and regenerate tissues, protects us from cancer and heart disease, decreases cholesterol and supports our immune system.

29) If you wish to LOSE WEIGHT, start eating half or a third less of what you normally eat.

30) Give young children little tasks to carry out in their own. This will teach them responsibility.

31) Don't take your mistakes seriously. Laugh at them. Did you stir salt into your coffee this morning? Ha ha ha.

32) When shopping for airline tickets online, you may be priced higher when you search the SAME trip twice. That's because the site is tracking you with cookies.

33) If you trying hard to succeed at something but see no progress, then you're doing it wrong. Stop. Try a different way.

34) Practice compassion. On others. But most, upon yourself.

35) Practice patience. Close your eyes and meditate as you wait. The result will be inner peace.

Denise DS
Denise DS
Content Writer. Life Observer. Believer In God.

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